Blaze Media: Marc Elias Predicts 2022 Litigation to Remove Republican House Members


From the blaze media Company that I helped form a fantastic company where we have Levin TV among others Prominent democratic lawyer predicts 2022 litigation aimed at removing Republican House of representative members from their seats This is also in part with Liz Cheney And Nancy Pelosi are up to Liz Cheney think she has the power of Benito masolino or worse The members of this committee do they think just because they're a committee they can throw around subpoenas They can violate separation of powers They can crush executive privilege because the dingbat in the Oval Office Where's my oatmeal But anyway no Mark Elias that name That name should now ring a bell in all of your minds As a contemptible slip and fall lawyer for the hardcore left Democrat party Mark Elias one of the most prominent Democrat lawyers in the country is predicting Democrats will attempt to prevent some duly elected Republican House members from serving And that they may even attempt the file litigation to prevent some Republican members from serving So you see they don't want to count all the votes They don't want to accept all elections ladies and gentlemen They have strategies for challenging in the 2016 vote of Trump and trying to destroy him in the meantime they have efforts underway to go after their own members of the opposition party in order to prevent them from actually serving No no no no They don't believe in the right to vote Unless you vote for

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