Rich Valdes: Charlamagne Tha God Calls It Like He Sees It


It makes me think very much like charlamagne the God who I don't always agree with but seems to be calling him the way he sees him When he says where's Trump and all of this Listen to this I'm hearing it I'm listening to you Man where's Trump They feel like they would rather get it wrong You know what At least we know what that is 'cause it's gassing us up I can not wait to see and I'm already watching it I'm watching Democrats start the campaign They're already like Hillary You got to go out there and vote Like democracy depends on it I'm like when y'all start governing like democracy depends on the real At least stop telling me that the death of democracy is upon us but you're not governing like it is Now he's a 100% right He's calling it out the way he sees it Kind of what I do because I think it's critically important for everybody to say look you know what The Democrat party has sold out black Americans which is a big part of their base They've sold out Hispanic Americans Joe Ed babuza Biden has jumped ship he's abandoned so much of what blue collar Democrats once stood

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