LA Mayor Eric Garcetti Says He Holds His Breathe During Maskless Photos


But I want to talk about mayor Eric garcetti from Los Angeles Now mayor garcetti I talked about it earlier And he was under fire earlier this week in the middle of the week They were saying oh my gosh but you know you're such a hypocrite You're a Magic Johnson here with this one year with that when you're taking all these pictures with no mask on how dare you sir how dare you do that And he said well well chill chill chill See the thing is I did do the selfies but I didn't inhale It was like a Bill Clinton line I smoke but I didn't have you know I don't do a good Clinton but I'll work on that In the meantime mister britisher go for it I wore my mask the entire game and when people ask for a photograph I hold my breath and I put it here and people could see that This is 0% chance of infection from that I hope my brother So that's right he's self feed and he did not

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