Fmr. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko: Ukraine Needs More


Petro Poroshenko is the former Ukrainian president He was on the morning schmo show so nobody saw him or heard him So I want to give this a little bit of attention So many more people can hear this And here's what he said Again the former Ukrainian president cut 5 go We are very much appreciate the javelin supply We definitely need more anti aircraft weapons Demonstrating that Ukrainian people and European soldiers heating the Russian aggressives stopping the Russian troops We do our best And today Ukrainian people demonstrate a unique unit check and important solidarity with the our American partners our European Union and NATO partners What do you need more We definitely need to increase the anti tank anti aircraft communications system on jacket and definitely we need to find out the way how we as a sovereign and independent state can close the airspace Ukrainian airspace because this is extremely dangerous for us when Russia has an bomb back through its missile It's converted missile against the peaceful Ukraine and cities

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