AZ Senate Candidate Jim Lamon: 'It's Time for Washington to See Some Real Action'


A friend of mine, someone who's been very generous to turning point USA and he's a great American Jim layman, and you're running for U.S. Senate in Arizona. Charley, it's time for Washington to see some real action on the U.S. Senate floor. Somebody's really going to stand up for America first, Arizona. I'm going there to make sure it happens. Well, I love to hear that. And so you built a business here in Arizona. Tell us about that. Well, a great foundation of 8 years ago, we brought in great guys from the colon gas industry, which I had led for many years. Second largest company in that industry was fortunate to not start it, but build it to what it was. And then bringing those guys over, seeing an opportunity that said there's a new form of energy that if we focus with utility types really strong power people, not looking at as a greeny thing, look at the power thing. The way of the potential for it to become the lowest cost power. And we've actually achieved that about 5 years ago. We hit parity with the lowest current then formed natural gas. We've continued to drive that down and today Charlie, it's half the price of natural gas. I'm a believer in American energy dominance, not just independence, as our past president said. Or asterisk, guys that are in there now would not believe it, but we just have a strong belief that we've got so much resources in the country. Add solar to that mix. We should absolutely not be doing what the Biden and Kelly administration are doing now. Begging Saudi Arabia for more fuel and just crazy things like that when we've got it all here.

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