Robert Netzly, Founder and CEO of Inspire Investing, Describes the Corporate Impact of Faith-Based Investments


Tool Robert, you have to be excited about this. I mean, this seems to me like a great discovery. I mean, the idea that tons of people feel powerless, but then suddenly you're saying to them, no, we're going to help you to make sure that all the money that you have invested is used for God's purposes for what is right and true. It's hard for me to see this as anything other than a really big deal. Right. And it's actually $22.1 trillion Eric that is investments that are in retirement accounts alone because there's the numbers we have from the IRS. They're controlled by protestants, evangelicals and Catholics in this nation. $22.1 trillion over the last count. That's ridiculously a lot of money. And almost none of it is advocating for biblical values with the companies that they own. And to your point, it's easy to feel powerless, like these big Megan national corporations doing all these heinous things and what can we do? Maybe we just don't shop somewhere sometimes. But what we found, again, by God's grace, we've had some pretty outsized influence with companies, such as Costco that stopped donating money to gay pride parades because of our engagement with them. Chevron stopped donating the money to Planned Parenthood because of our shareholder engagements with them. Evergreen list of companies that we engage with as investors and say, hey, you know, we call up their investor relations department introduce ourselves where faith based investors we care about biblical values, we see that you're doing XYZ. We'd rather you not do that. Just stick to your business, please. And more often than not, they're very

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