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Now. 71 on Peachtree Street. So the moon is not officially full until this evening. So no excuse for shenanigans this morning. Nine P.m. is when just after 90 clock is when the full Super Strawberry moon will rise. Let's see what the morning drive is doing now. Very reasonable out there on the roads. Barbeque A. We are reasonable Scott for over the crowd here over. I 85 heading in the northeast Atlanta, Georgia 400 heading down toward the area of parts that are stadium That's the Georgia State Football Stadium. Got a report of a crash. 75 85, North Dakota just below like 20. It is very slow already up for University Avenue. Tripoli of Traffic $95.5 billion. This WSB Clark, How admitted is sponsored by carriage, Kia You know if you are facing an annual fee on a credit card, and many people have Airline travel cards or things like that they have annual fees. When that annual fee renewal comes up. Think through how much you're actually using that card. And think there. Is it worth you paying that fee now, if you decide No, it's not worth it. You also may not want to close that account start by calling the credit card company and they might wave that annual fee for you, or if they won't they may have another version of the card. It has no annual fee. The advantage of maintaining that credit is it's great for your credit score and report but paying an annual fee for something that just doesn't make sense for you..

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