Hurd discussed on Exploration with Dr. Michio Kaku


You go to the drugstore you see these advertisements for mega vitamins uh some claim that it retards the oxidation process other people site certain studies which show that if you in chess certain diets die as a rich in vitamins it's seems to be good for you but what about the pure the pure form of vitamins that you buy in the drugstore well um well once again um you know the new the nutritional supplement i industry is really working hard to convince us that aging is somehow caused by uh uh either the loss of some hormone or the lack of nutritional supplements of one kind or another and they're perfectly willing to sell you uh everything that that uh that that they can't try to convince you that you can somehow influence this process and it's based in part on a uh on on on science uh where it suggested that uh part that aging is influenced by oxidation uh and this oxidation process can be uh uh slow down in theory with the ingestion of uh certain nutritional supplements that you have antioxidative affects um but there isn't any empirical evidence that demonstrates that these substances the actually extend duration of life uh so once again it's the same scenario uh where people are selling something with exaggerated claims uh with a profit motive uh in mind and people are buying it up like crazy what about herbs some people say that may be pure vitamins that are refined by the chemical companies may not uh simulates vitamins in the natural forms so what about taking herbal medicines what is known or not known about hurd's honestly i don't i don't know that much about a uh herbs in herbal medicine uh to comment uh on that but what i can tell you is that is that there's plenty of evidence that eating more fruits and vegetables and uh i can certainly in uh lower your risk of a wide variety of disease disorder uh and of course those in the supplements industry are suggesting that contained within those fruits and vegetables they're certain substances that they can concentrate in a pill and give to you in a larger forum you know under the assumption that more is better well.

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