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John Eterno, Manhattan, F. L. Parkway discussed on Vickie Allen and Levon Putney


And former NYPD captain John eterno on the afternoon roundup with Michael Wallace earlier today at nine forty eight traffic and weather together on the eight Skelly Dylan pass train stations in Manhattan still off limits that's right they're all temporarily closed in mid high in that includes Christopher street nine fourteen twenty third and thirty third street for the protest we do have NJ transit cross honoring to help have train commuters out now we're also when dealing with some construction work now with the inbound George lower level is shut down till five in the morning with that road work so right now the upper deck about a twenty minute wait to go with the Lincoln or Holland tunnels the F. L. parkway quite busy eastbound approaching at JFK airport there is a crash there the right and center lanes currently down the FDR drive fully re opened a both ways in lower Manhattan it was closed earlier for protesters on the roadway the southbound side and the northbound side of the FDR right around the Brooklyn bridge re opened the Brooklyn bridge as well that has been reopened and delays that we had in that area they're starting to really ease out and their next traffic update in less than ten minutes on W. C. B. S. here's meteorologist Frank straight tonight we're comfortably cool it's a partly cloudy low fifty seven in mid town and you're fifty and some of the outlying.

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