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Of this country that would lower that would reduce death yes jor don't yet don't think politically a you know you may be right about you know politically mothers going to happen here no limits but james texaco gas what do you think should happen your view um i think it's harder to get a hold of guns that can kill lots of people and then i think it should be harder for people that we think uh might be more inclined to want to kill lots of people would you ban assault weapons assault weapons i would yeah okay not just one against our views on the table steve moore said i'm not a gut listen i'm not a gun owner uh it's it's not it's not but see i'm so happy i'm not a gun owner uh you know i don't think a lot about gone i think a lot of butter right now and i find here i find it i find it quite ning palme uh but i you know obviously but i think doesn't matter because lots of people think what i think and nothing's changed it all right i get thank you for that present steve moore what's your take on this well i don't own gut either but i'm glad my neighbors on guns you know so i mean i take that a lot of obviously the selfprotection a home and the family from owning guns um i like what lewis said i think i agree uh 100 percent with what she said uh i would refer for one to an awesome column uh this morning um in the wall street journal by peggy noonan uh she talks about a culture of death in this country and you know there were two horrific things that happened this week in america one was what happened in florida and the other was a senate vote uh larry on the senate floor where um the vast majority of democrats voted to keep um abortions after twenty we uh which is still reach us and you know uh peggy at make think makes this linkage switches you know that there's just a disrespect for in this country and uh you know so i think i think that um you know some uh some very rational um restrictions on uh gums with respect to the assault rifles probably uh.

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