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Two tickets to the Wilbur. Steve and the winner is Josh Pacelle. Christ fucking asshole. It was number picking pick a different one. No I don't have his phone number. Where's he from We don't I don't know there's an. I have to tell you the the process of trying to get this because barstools adamant about protecting all of their consumer information has been Very involved okay. Maybe steps we got Josh Pacelle. Yes Only A. He's he's already get tickets at Wilbur. It From what do you mean we might have had previously have them? He may already have them. You know he's got two more now in the VIP there you go so congratulations to Josh. P. A. S. E. L. Yes Gosh L. S. E. L. L. Revenue Patel Shit Glengarry for all right Josh Pacelle of Schenectady issue winner. Congratulations by the way. The last thing I'll say about Tristate running companies that. They're they're starting limited. Open the last thing you no just for this AL camps say Jesus do in Edgewood Kentucky Screen Sonetti Ohio They're they're going to be starting some limited local location. So if you're if you're saying if you're if you're close to their locations in Edward Edgewood Kentucky Cincinnati Ohio you've actually go and get a fitting in the store is opening curbside pickup doing some some limited openings in those areas and you'd rather do that You can check him out fantastic for massive Kentucky audience audience. Yes I know everyone basis out on some fucking thing the DC. Like three times. I know I think Steve's looked at the also also based on our geographic information. Stop Listening. I say wait. That's right off. The supporting the Water Malone fucking tries to go to war with spotify to trust running to be bigger than apple and a couple of years. That's my prediction. F seger bigger bigger. Bigger apple is stupid. Name already get my phone at Tri State. Run A company. You do You open up the phones. We'll take a few calls and we'll do some other stories gets out of the way the way you don't have to talk about a couple of days put on a happy face. Simone name just you know trying to get through the week I understand. So how's everyone's weekend? Was THIS PROCESS. So we've got a tweet out the number the phones. I suppose accept a call in with Google voice into the studio and then you have to put in for some reason a show pin on a show number and then a host pin number the whole thing. Ma Thank you ruin you the whole story. Were you asked? You specifically said why does this take so long ice cream? Where's my Goddamn ice cream? You mentioned that a couple of where is it? What kind of Ice Cream? Which cookie dough. Maybe oh excellent. Choice last night for it absolutely. It's warmer than usual. So go out for a lick after this sense cut cheese Guy Bedford Ben Farms asking. What's his name? My boy big Fan. This show good ice cream. Go get it delicious really bad ice cream though. Have you tried the hand scooped? Ice Cream I have not disappoint closed and then reopened again. What an odd and now. I think. They're having a tough time. That's hard to be busy at. This is not easy. We're GONNA treat all yet stupid. Yes Sunday night. Special Aerial Special Super Special. I think we have had some nice bent. Wonderful five hours sheds again for another week. Are they lined up? Or what they're not lined up now. I Beg your pardon. They're not letting Sunday night. Starting now. They're starting to come expected. It's beautiful night. I don't WanNa get in their way and Sheldon. Let's get this over with doing this outside grilling that'd be fun. Throw line walk around. Tell them what we see. Hello welcome welcome. Welcome to the program. Hey what's going on? What's up okay? I was high energy earlier before I was talking to my buddy I wanted to call in about the show and I was kinda aggravated. I couldn't get in you know I've been calling for the past couple of John. You're on now. I don't really need the preamble making the Western here to coaching. Soprano twenty. Sopranos as to. What do you want right? I just wanted to get to my point here. It was just oh you didn't know hold on your apple everything else get to your point you'll get your point. Which is the fucking point. Anyway go ahead. You're right okay. So my point is I'm so sick of these guys. Here's the thing one second. Here's a if it's if it's cavanaugh. They gotta say the opposite they certainly would. And that's true grabbed today. I mean if it's a black person they treated one way white person entirely different. Where was Nancy I said this earlier? Where was Nancy Pelosi for the last three? That's exactly go ahead. I Beg your pardon Jesus Christ okay so waiver guys calling and they're like hey kirk. Hey Kirk what was the second line in the first movie that came out of the third week of the not liked. It makes you feel good about myself. You know that my life it makes me feel good about myself get it. Well the crust. No are proud of you. It's about you. Tonight is fine question. What do you want what do you? What do you want.

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