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Twenty nineteen I'll be on new year's night seven to midnight my first show the brand new year and I hope you'll be here too let's take a look at the roadways in front of you it's New Jersey fast track well some pretty heavy traffic now on the northbound side of the garden state parkway coming into Clark just north of exit one thirty five in fact looks about a half mile or so north you get a vehicle fire two left lanes are shut down so you can expect slow down for about a mile and a half leading into this location south on some of the parkway slow with rubber necking getting into that spot still looks pretty good on the turnpike just some minor slowdowns in western and eastern spur up by the merge by route forty six apart from that you're in good shape no big issues in the car and truck cleans antibody seven remains pretty quiet from Edison all the way up towards Parsippany you're still gonna crash in south Amboy self instead of route nine coming down towards Washington Avenue and getting better in Deptford fifty five back up to the forty two freeway just a minor slowdowns at this point we still got your river line service subject to twenty minute delays to restore about train hand if you're heading down to the Holland tunnel off the Pulaski skyway you've got a crash right around the totally circle at least one lane shut down once you get around that from the one not approach the close to a twenty minute back up to the Holland tunnel just fifteen of the turnpike Lincoln tunnel accident clean up Emma told despite that that's a twenty five minute delay around helix in the George Washington bridge upper deck a thirty minute back up twenty five minutes downstairs traffic every fifteen minutes next report coming up at seven thirty three from since some junior sixty six Nissan and wins our Nissan traffic desk I'm Jeff from under Jersey one a one point five instant weather for the rest of this year some clouds tonight.

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