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Your friends. It's a game. Whereas the easiest game to cheat because you're two hundred yards over there Lawrence and I'm two hundred yards over here. And I trust you're not going to throw it out of the woods. And you trust me that I'm not going to pick it out of the water. And yet there's a whole group of guys who played with him at one time. He hits it in the water. They see the splash, but Trump's always two hundred yards ahead and his super go kart. And by the time they get to the fairway. It's back. It's back on the fairway. It's not in the pond anymore, and they Saddam what the hell we're playing the money game. And he goes it must have been the tide. Well, you you've done a brilliant job in this book of explaining this to people like me who know nothing about golf and have never cared about golf. And you you also did a great job of conveying the culture of golf, and the honor of golf, and what isn't the way it's supposed to be you did that through your father who I feel like I know now. And so it's really a kind of a beautiful book. There's also very very funny when it comes to the details of what Donald Trump does a tug from about the Gulf and the presidency, and why it has become a something that presidents are drawn to even some who didn't play much golf before they became president. Yeah. I think of our last I don't only three having played president haven't played golf since Galt became a thing in America. And it's because all those problems they just wait right beneath where you're sleeping, and you got to get out and the secret service kind of likes golf because they can control the territory, and so all. Most everybody but Carter didn't play it Truman didn't play it. Woodrow Wilson entered the White House not having played it. And his doctor said if you don't start playing golf, you're going to have a heart attack. And so Wilson started playing it every day.

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