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The calls to resign angrily accusing prosecutors of staging an attempted coup Jake Burton carpenter the pioneer who brought snowboarding to the masses and help turn the sport into a billion dollar business and Olympic showpiece has died of cancer he was sixty five you're never more than fifteen minutes away from the top stories of the day on the Mike Slater show they have seven sixty talking breaking news AM seven sixty KFMB if you're about to sell your home the most important decision you need to make right now is what's real estate agent will maximize your return on investment hi this is news eight Kyle crest and there are a lot of choices out there but I've got the right choice actually the only choice my friend John Reeves at eight five eight eight hundred home listen there is precious equity in your home so why settle on any agent that lacks experience handling the biggest transaction of your life and why risk having your home sit on a slowing market costing you time and money John Reeves is San Diego's number one agent says the Wall Street journal because he already has the buyers over five thousand ready buyers in this exclusive database ready to buy right now it is proprietary marketing systems we'll get your home sold for top dollar quickly or John will bite himself guarantee what do you got to lose frankly a lot if you don't call John Reeves to hear his plan for selling your home eight five eight eight hundred all that eight five eight eight hundred home call John Reese today message and data rates may apply hello seriously I think too young for her loss my hairline keeps creeping back receding this bald spot where yeah I have to give up and gave it to put down the razor because Bosley America's number one hair restoration expert is about to give you your real hair back permanently don't ignore the signs of hair loss Bosley is giving away an absolutely free information kit that reveals all the signs and a free gift card to anyone who texts secret to eight five eight five zero lastly we'll show you for free how great your hair could look using the latest technology Bosley solution to hair loss is permanent and protected by the Bosley guarantee plus since Bosley has new non surgical options you owe it to yourself to tax now for absolutely free information kit and a gift card for two hundred fifty dollars off no matter what level of hair loss you have text secret to eight five eight five zero that's S. C. C. R. U. T. to eight five eight five zero it is Mike Slater you know I'm always looking for ways to save money and free up some extra cash in a great way to do that is to call my friend Kevin lines is.

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