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I think it would help it would go a long way toward helping shareholders get comfortable with the idea of someone else running the company eventually if they kind of display united front and share that limelight a little bit which doesn't seem like buffets willing to do right now we'll talk to us about that terror i mean because that's kind of interesting it does seem like that warren buffett and i can understand it a company built you've been so associated with the company you are the face of the company you know that he doesn't seem to want to step back it might go a long way in terms of the global perspective the tally does it bother you that jane or greg able that they weren't up there not at all in a single at buffet does everything in small steps when it comes to his succession and he know he brought you know a few years ago and gradually he gave him more and more money and now runs tens of billions of dollars and i think this year was the transition where she delegated a lot more of the responsibility to jane and greg able but i think the way she does he praises them in any letters and keep raises them every time she talks about them so i think they kind of get this he elevated him so much already that may maybe next year he'll do you know mega next year or the following you put him on stage but he usually does things slowly especially when you and i think they'll be honest i think he enjoys the spotlight so much that it's very difficult to give it up you make a good point like you think god forbid we get through another financial crisis the terms that warren buffett got to help you know in terms of investments in goldman and so on and so forth they were they made for great investment same with kraft heinz and not even in periods of turmoil which tend to be you know great time to do deals but just the simple fact of next year's meeting like like you said you know buffalo to do this in small steps but eighty seven how many more small steps can he make i think at some point he needs to he needs to introduce really introduce these guys.

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