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Right but who has someone's going to have feeling most of the time someone's gonna have feelings in that situation one person's going to get hurt yeah so that's the downside of the rebound fling or whatever someone eventually whether to you or the other ersan is going to get hurt yeah because it's very hard to maintain that without someone developing failing are you saying abort mission i mean fling i mean i don't know i have fun and just like light heart she gotta do but i've gotten hurt from flings like i've been like done rebound and all that kind of stuff and i've been the one that's been hurt by it and it's like i probably wouldn't change that you know h each one taught me something i guess it's how you look at it find the positives in it be i would say definitely be open with him like very upfront with him about what where your heads out with the whole thing and then if he wants to keep doing it then go for it again get it girl we do in fact at fun because a lot of people on that same same threat i forgot who sort of probably crystal crystals kind of mvp or the facebook group she was asking what sponsors are you guys really into fund got a lot of love here mickey ferguson loves fab fit bunch use the products you got to this day who else i mean i'll keep looking here but libby bertrand's like oh i missed the promo code for fep fun how do you not know the promo code on this show it's pretty clear whether promo code is yeah the promo code we sing it to you every single we every week.

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