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Now on time. Traffic news and weather on the patriotic is a little heavy and slow I seventy. Five northbound your fourteen mile where. There's an accident on the left shoulder watch for delays from six. Ninety six also I ninety four eastbound between Vernier road and. Eight mile. You're right lane is blocked for midday. Roadwork until three o'clock watch four some slowdowns in that area as well I'm the Davison freeway eastbound at I seventy five. You will find a disabled vehicle causing some slowdowns there your forecast today is calling for. Mostly sunny skies hive ninety degrees that will be clear tonight with a low of. Seventy one on Wednesday mostly sunny. With a high of eighty eight but looking ahead to Thursday early. Friday could see some rain showers even some scattered thunderstorms right. Now it. Is mostly sunny and seventy four degrees From the townhall dot com newsroom a warehouse in the south. End of warrant may be linked to the decades. Old disappearance of Kimberly king police say the building once. Used by convicted killer Arthur ream west cert- yesterday, and several items were taken as evidence king was twelve years old when she went missing. In nineteen seventy nine in may officers searched, a field and McComb township where the body of thirteen year old, Cindy zarzusky was found in two thousand eight after was convicted of her murder A two year old boys recovering. From a lawn mowing accident investigators say the child. Was taken to the hospital with severe trauma to. His lower leg the accident happened yesterday on Ashbury park no. Other, details have been release a one thousand dollar reward is being offered for information about shooting of the. City's eastside, investigators say man was shot in the leg on July twenty ninth after, getting into an argument with a female. Driver that cut him off near Hawthorne and Griff sale man was shot.

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