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Know everyone thinks. I'm like a norman bates. Now that i've been home. I'm not gonna fuck in time to and chair. Not peter and become a norman bates and where her here where bring your on stress. Norman bates my mom is is what i'm saying. There it is. Why is a little drop. I don't think i could fit into my mom stressed. I'm looking fucking busty today. By the way on boy. Id you don't need a notice that got fucking to cantaloupes in the former my t-shirt fucking me. It looks like you have nicely developed packs. Now you look you look very muscular. d- sell yourself short. don't be don't be ashamed of your body. You look great lactating over here. I'd i don't look good wags i've been eating. I haven't been eating well since since. I've been since the since honestly since july the fourth of july weekend set it off. Just set me on a downward spiral anyway. I'll say i have mitch similar issue. I i've been. I've started weighing myself daily. Because apparently that's the way to get over scaling. Just wait yourself every day. You make your part of your routine yesterday. Not just my quarantine heaviest. My all time heaviest. All-time heavy is used then. I don't believe this is our guest. Remember nick at uc be are chunky. Motherfucker i was chunky but i also have as possible. I have more muscle mass to. I think that's a combo i think. I've got more muscle mass and body fat. So it's just you know. I've got more bulkin than a layer pudding over it but i'm yeah i've gotten pretty chunky presley. You got like thirty pounds between the legs. Ready here we go. Let's james our guests. Hey hold on. I read the drop email. Hedo boys big fan of the show. Here's a drop to reassure everyone. That mitch definitely will not be norman. Bates his mum while he's at home love from canada where they say to pete's as spoon slash slice nation. Alex at chipped chipped. Hip chipped hip on twitter. Chat hip chipped hip at chipped. Hip at chip. Hair chest hair chest. I don. I got that wrong but now that we've said now we've said hair chest again. We might as well bring in. Our guests are returning to the show two of our favorites actors writers. Comedians friends of the pod. David near mercer pinson her back. What's up dudes. Wow what a pleasure. What's up spoon nation. let's row. I was mentioning before before we started that. I'm normally feel really comfortable in the safety of the double so being here you know in the main line up this is this is a lot of pressure. It's the big show. I'm having a hard time. Concentrating with those luscious melons on this screen. Boy block block that out. Dynamite dixie. Dynamite that's a. That's a porno lady. A couple of days ago man. I'm fervently googling right now with dynamite. You're talking to men with zero sex drive. I are kind of a western theme or see. What's what's coming up for. Me is a is like a western film or like a caper movie from the reynolds. You know you might on. I think you might have. Ak that might be it. I search moderate on being. Let me turn it out while you're just bought sticks of dynamite to house acme boy. This woman is quite top-heavy is that real his reaction. I mean if you saw what he's seeing you don't understand okay. I'm assuming real. I'm assuming surgically enhanced. This seems physically impossible even like what dr like hippocratic oath. What dr would administer such so. You want painful looking assist. I mean it seems like it all sort in her life expectancy by late at fifty years. I can't i can't imagine why. How did you find her. What are you what are you what. What's the spelling here. Dixie like acci. Dixie kong And then you know to spell dynamite. W dynamite art good. I got it now. I can't find her durant. Put my porn in afterwards. Try try adding her. No porno try. Try tray taping in dixie dynamite. Mommy milkers dixie. Okay all right. She's on she's on x. Videos dot com. Let's see you're going get some images. Oh my gosh is good. Yeah dear god really putting sri tire video yes. I'm used to just pull up a couple of pictures of dixie dynamite. That'll help you feel better to your lord dixie. Yeah yeah quite an arsenal. It looks like if someone leprechaun wished for bigger boobs. That's right like a monkey. Paul wish i wish your dave brisa enough porno. Tom expecting the first. I can tell you the only thing left to do now as far on the podcast were happy to have always happen to have the two the two of you back and sense your last appearance. Something has happened with my diet. That corresponds with what i know about the two of you. Which is that. I have become a vegetarian at least for the calendar year. Twenty twenty one. I'm not eating any meat not eaten any any fish. It's it's been interesting transition for myself dietary early. I'm curious can you recap for us like how long each of you have been for meat consumption. If that's the thing you you still do. I'm assuming you still doing that. You've come to the dirk say pad want. This is the dark side yeah. I've been a vegetarian. Since two thousand and six diet for a new america and wow shook me to my core but i've sense like i ate a chicken taco. The birthday party. So i don't know i'm getting kind of loose sir. In my old age. I just kind of feel like for anything especially foodwise is to not be Like militant about it like a camping or religion. i think that's the way that it becomes like. Face your famine like all or nothing you know. It's like if most of the time you don't eat meat that's great but you know if you want in and out you can get that once in a while going forward and your vegetarian journey..

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