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Thanks. All right. That's JBC move. Okay. I do know him. Okay. He's hilarious. Yeah. Like that. Dude. Osmania MVP of this game celebrity MVP, they have a little person, by the way, they did. They were doing introductions a little person. Peter college. No, Peter England, another guy. I never I don't know who he is. He's a comedian. He's out there. I just saw was he? Yeah. That'd be fun. How take that due to the whole, man. That'd be awesome. Oh. Drop steph. Yeah. Dunkin his face yell too. Yeah. Brad williams. That's his name. That's his name Bradley, plus four thousand eight somebody's gonna post them over. They'd be like come on Brexit. I'd post them of Dunkin, and then I get that on my knees ago. Yeah. Yeah. Dr oz. Dr is. Plus five thousand he's getting with carrot top. Like, I said having having knowing the stench of Garrett davick, nobody would be near open jumpers all day. Coach you and I was doing the game. They ask her time to get in. And he goes, really? The run around little bit because I don't wanna go in the game. From it. I don't want to run a Larry's those good stuff. Macoute your has changed his tune. We'll get into that. With Tom Spencer at about five o'clock only these intimate. I here's your latest traffic..

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