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I don't know about you. But I don't have time to run a lot of Ahrends during the day when I work because I got things to do. I don't really quite understand. Why? I don't really quite understand. I mean, I'm a billionaire and doesn't money just happen because I'm so wealthy that it's too bad for you little people that you aren't as wealthy as me. That's your fault. Wilbur and then get off my lawn. You poor people. He might as well have said that at the end of that conversation on CNBC. It's on. I mean, I was so deeply offended when I heard him say that I. I'm not a federal worker. I am a little bit of a populist from. Yeah. I like what Bernie said I there were aspects of I don't care if you're on the right or left when you go if feels like oftentimes our government is not listening to what's happening with people. I'm just going to kill the coal jobs when Hillary Clinton said that it was it was toned deaf. What about the people who are losing their jobs? What do you have implant to retrain them, get them jobs? So that can be a functioning. Contributing member of our society. You know, I it's not unique to the right that they can be tone deaf about working class Americans. And Wilbur Ross did it and it wasn't just Wilbur Ross. Yesterday. An individual named Laura Trump. Happened to open her mouth as well. She I mean, she's married to Eric. And. I mean, I just had to say this is how the French revolution happen, folks. You stupid little people. She was on the view. Wait was she on the view? Now. Where was she on? Where was she now that they were making fun of review where.

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