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To Las Vegas Bob Beasley media group station special report corona virus update on the lead Francis at a news conference in the rose garden president trump laid out a plan for expanded covert nineteen testing across the US but Constantinopolitan to distance from reporters and other speakers president trump in the rose garden announcing funds for tests my administration is sin is sending one billion dollars to America's states territories and tribes money into supplies make up the total it's what states have been clamoring for for many weeks this is a core element of our plan to safely and gradually reopen America and we're opening and we're starting and there's a to Z. as in like I haven't seen in a long time on display in front of Mr trump testing kits and machinery used to assess the results but Costantini washing the number of coronavirus deaths in the U. S. has now topped eighty thousand the death toll was higher than any fatalities from seasonal flu going back to nineteen sixty seven I'm Eliot Francis the World Health Organization says it's wrong to think China and other countries were wrong in easing restrictions general Brooks wines five new cases from the same residential compound the first new cases in a month since the lockdowns were lifted all of the cases were previously classified as a symptomatic positive with no symptoms but now symptoms have developed this is stoking concerns of a wider outbreak of a symptomatic infections as people get back to work and social lives as restrictions in trying to ease their being done so gradually limiting the numbers and restaurants night clubs and other places seven provinces in China now report new cases of the virus I'm Jim Rogers Attorney General was appointed a black district attorney from the Atlanta area to take over the case of home white father and son charged with killing a black man Attorney General Chris Carr says he's chosen Cobb county district attorney.

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