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Hey, it's ten three at the bay area's news station, KCBS rain and a slight chance of thunderstorms today. Good morning in for Rebecca corral. I'm Margie Schaefer. Here's what's happening. The US Geological Survey and California's office of emergency management will test an earthquake early warning system called shake alert next hour, it's designed to alert people via cell phone of an impending earthquake in a critical seconds before the shaking begins between eleven and noon. The first of its kind tasks will try to determine how fast and effective that warning would be the alert will buzz cell phones in a sixty blocks section of downtown Oakland west of lake Merritt Robert group is the communications coordinator for shake alert once the shake alert the earthquake early. Warning message is is made available for delivery. We want to see how long it takes to get from where we actually make it available to the device, and it's not just phones. Because if you have data connection to say a watch. Or a tablet. You still will get the alert message people who received the alert will be asked to fill out a survey answering questions about how quickly the system worked. Ideally, the alert would not only provide warnings to people before north quake. But it could be used to slow trains. Open firehouse stores and shut off valves on water supply sources as possible measles exposure, and Santa Clara county, and has KCBS Jennifer Honda's reports health officials want you to be on the alert the traveler stopped at a number of spots in the Silicon Valley from mid March to this past weekend, including the great mall in Milpitas. The apple visitor center in Cupertino as well as valley fair mall doctors say symptoms typically surface seven to twenty one days after exposure since measles is not a very common disease anymore. Most doctors don't think about it. Dr George Hahn is the assistant health officer for Santa Clara county. They put out an alert about the measles last year when it initially reared its head. But after we sent out our. Alert more. Doctors have been calling us saying, oh, you know. I I heard that there's been measles. You know? Maybe my patient has it. What do you guys think? Vaccination rates are high in Santa Clara county at ninety seven percent. Even though legislation introduced Tuesday could give the state even more say as far as whether or not a child is vaccinated in San Jose. Jennifer, Hodges KCBS, salmon fisherman, and dozens of other California environmental groups are literally begging the Senate not to confirm President Trump's nominee for secretary of the interior KCBS political reporter, Doug sovereign says, they have sent a letter warning that the former energy industry lobbyists will preside over the destruction of America's natural resources. Deputy secretary David Bernhardt faces a Senate hearing tomorrow to confirm him to succeed interior secretary. Ryan, Zinke resigned under fire, but more than one hundred fifty conservation, and environmental groups say Bernhardt would be just as bad. John McManus, president of the Golden Gate salmon association calls Bernard fossil. Fuel industry hack will do the bidding of his former lobbying clients which also include big valley agricultual interests with Bernhardt leading the interior department. We can no longer assume that federal agencies will adequately protect salmon in California central valley. The President Trump says Bernhardt, we'll make sure farmers not fish get the water they need as he said while campaigning in Fresno in two thousand sixteen we'll get to solve your water problem. You have a water problem that is so insane. It is so ridiculous where they're taking the water and shoving it out to sea McManus warns if Bernhardt gets confirmed diverts more Sacramento river water to the valley. We'll look quite a bit. Like we did between the years two thousand and two thousand six when pumping out of the bay delta was basically unregulated which basically took the environment in the delta and all the species there and put them into a tailspin from which they've not recovered to this day, but having confirmed in fifty three to forty three as deputy, the Republican Senate majority seems. Likely to approve burn hearts promotion. Doug, sovereign KCBS pedestrian has been hit by a commercial vehicle in downtown. San Francisco just off of interstate eighty the collision was reported at a quarter.

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