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Com slash safety or just stop by Big news out of that game with Jamal Murray century which we will talk about coming up with the top of the hour. Netflix is going to have a movie, which is made by Adam Sandler's Happy Madison Productions. So it's a Sandler esque type movie. Which is about bounty gate. Kind of remember the year that Sean Payton was suspended by the NFL for bounty gate? Well, he ended up coaching his son's team. Peewee team sixth grade football in the Dallas area. And Adam Sandler's production team thought it would make a good movie so Movie based on Sean Payton being suspended for the year. For bounty gate. That happy Go lucky scandal. Is gonna be played by Kevin James. Now The first thing is Kevin James. Is he the right guy to play this more as your kind of the Kevin James of CBS Sports Radio? Do you think that this is a good actor to play Sean Payton? No, I think it's insulting to Sean Payton to have a guy who makes fast food jokes, non stop play. One of the great coaches. The NFL currently has office scandal. This is not exactly breaching the role we see normally of Kevin James. So you think that Sean Payton specifically deserves better than Paul Blart? Yeah. If we're gonna run Sean Payton through the model of founding Gates and make him feel good for coach of the Suns team, I don't think he needs the guy making fart jokes and two failed sitcoms playing him. Well. I'm sorry. Failed is wrong. Yeah, not failed. I mean, he's a huge star because of those sitcoms. Christening clean. Yeah. Kevin can wait was a failure. I'm sorry, and I loved it, but was a failure, Okay? What do we? Yeah, it's it's weird. A lot of people pointed out that Frankie Moon years looks a lot more like Sean Payton. Now then Kevin James, that's absolutely true. But you know, Kevin James is box office for Netflix. I guess you know, he has that. That racing show on now that we promoted with the guy that was in the racing show. Oh, you remember the name we promoted the team know the crew for the greats. I mean, this production crew just made Hubie Halloween and we're making this Sean Payton movie. Well, I mean, that's the thing I think that they're going down the road of slapstick, family friendly silliness for Netflix. I think that's what Sandler's now doing. And Kevin James is Like his satellite guy where if he doesn't want the role, he just gives it to Kevin Shit. Number two Is this a feel good story. I mean he was suspended because the league said Basically headhunting at the height of CTE concerns. Yet you can't spin this whether he coached his teeth, his kids theme and that part of it was nice or not. The reason he's coaching his kid's team is because of a terrible ordeal at the heightened the era of CTE in the NFL. You can't spin this. Don't feel good. Kevin James Hunky Dorey story. It's stupid. Mm hmm. There's also a hook here that I am annoyed by okay and I'm sure the movie's gonna be corny, But look if somebody wanted to make a movie about me, and they wanted Kevin James to play me, I'd be like, okay, fine. I mean, who cares What How it gets done. Just get it done. It Mm hmm. But did you know that? That Sean Payton has a daughter. Who works for the NFL network, or did a story or two for the NFL network..

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