Office Depot, Officemax, IRS discussed on 60 Minutes


Their list of the advisors at office depot OfficeMax this is the third one inch binders for one dollar one dollar in store or online at office depot dot com to make ten did you know that the IRS is getting more aggressive these days they're using private agencies to track you down don't wait if you owe more than ten thousand dollars take advantage of the fresh start initiative a program in place that can help you now you can save thousands and possibly have your taxes forgiven there is help for those of you who ten thousand dollars or more but it's important that you take action before these programs change call the tax experts at Oxford tax partners for a free consultation now at eight hundred five seven five nineteen nineteen that's eight hundred five seven five nineteen nineteen you're listening to a M. seven sixty KFMB we will rejoin our sixty minutes I will cast your Lee but first this AM seven sixty breaking news update death in Mira mesa I'm ready folder that's one of the stories we're following on a and seven sixty a woman is dead after losing control of her car and hitting a tree and a light pole in Mira mesa the thirty say it all happened early this morning on northbound interstate fifteen it Carol canyon road she died at the scene the average price of a gallon of regular self serve gasoline and San Diego counties down today for the twenty six time in twenty nine days the price at the pump dropped to three sixty three the Padres lost to the Rockies eight to three at petco park San Diego did win three of the four game series this report is sponsored by county of San Diego health and Human Services baby should always leave alone on their back and in their crib plus but nothing in your baby's sleep area don't over dress your baby and do not.

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