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I say that was Homeys no. I do love whitney. She's actually do. She's amazing and i had been even though i was like you know still young i had been auditioning for so long and couldn't fucking catch a break in the tv world. And she gave me that break. And i'm so grateful to her Like i bought my first house because of whitney. So that's where was that i. It's where i still live whitney. It was really funny. I went in and auditioned for her. And i sat down and she said why. Aren't you famous. And i was like i don't know how to answer that question And then she really you know she fought and it takes people fighting for you. Sure industry to get shit and you know before that was glazer glazer so i was already show. Yeah it has a real cult. Following doesn't still yeah. I love the to john's john. Benjamin jon glaser. Yeah too funny. Specific and So set in their ways. Yes that's a good way of saying that I feel bad talking shit about the craft legacy because it is. You know it's like it's a thing. This is the thing you didn't though i know but i did. I did kind of well. you haven't even seen it. I mean. I think it's like such the film after breaking upwards was a fox searchlight movie that i made together that was critically like not well reviewed. Yeah starring greta gerwig and Which one was a is called lola verses and it's funny like we've had this discussion of when people ask about it. My first instinct is to go Yeah like don't watch it. You know even though right i. I'm proud of it in many ways. The self protective mechanism that comes in to go like you're going to look at the rotten tomatoes score and then you're going to judge me also like fuck rotten tomatoes but you know it's weird about me. I don't even look at it. You don't know. I don't know what the fuck people were looking at. I don't know where people find the time. I don't like i like i is. I don't check anything. If somebody i respect says you gotta watch this. I'm like all right. I'll check it out or this looks interesting. i don't go to. This is the problem. is that now. The rotten tomatoes score is on the i tunes when you press so just when you pull it up even if you're not seeking it out attention to well that makes me feel better anyway. The craft. I think it did well. Otherwise the critics you know they had problems with the third act which is like fine thirty x hard hard. What are you gonna do. It's an amazing cast. It's an amazing cast of like incredible young women and i. It's i think it's an important story to tell so. That was something that was easier in the seventies. the third act. Yeah just don't end didn't have one guy just go off on the bus. Once antidepressants came into town sky. They were people wanna closure. They wanted button. Yeah so the new movie let's Let's figure that out. I the reason i liked. It was because i you know when i looked you up. What is this person. does this person. Yeah like what did she do right. and then i'm like gosh. She's one of those knows all the cool kid. Like i could tell the movie and i know that guy. Yeah she called him too wasn't it yeah so Like the reason. I like it is kind of like the conceit of it is what it is but it's sort of like this weird. Is it an art film. Decided i think you. Did you decide that. Yeah like you know bonafide. It's like Like it's not you're not a poetry peace. thanks yeah I think because like the development process on the craft was like so intense. It was really nice to like. I don't know open up. I don't know the process to like allow for it to be whatever it to be more fluid and poetic your guess. Because i didn't have to be hitting like and then the climax happens and then and then i mean that's about it. Yeah it was so funny. Because i i'm thinking like man. She really did this on a budget. And you know. I i guess the only expense stopping traffic but it turns out there was no traffic. Yeah all they paid for was to have people at the end of the streets. Yeah no but was the middle of the no. We had a crew of three people. There was nobody stopped stopped. There's just no cars around. Yeah i mean we would hold for like a scattered few cars. Helen hunt about it. Oh yeah she's the best mir she is. Yeah no it was amazing. I mean and that was like part of. I think our intention and making it was sort of like serve as a time capsule for this totally surreal moment on the streets of l. a. That it looks. It was so apocalyptic you know inherently that we're like let's get out there and shoot it. And also i found it to be like one of those movies. Where like it's like the journey of it like you. The you know that that there's a someone else's used an asteroid hanging in the sky really exactly like you're asteroid. We mean in a movie. Yup noah series. Really yup. Joseph gordon levitt and mr coleman the new series. He's a good. Yeah yeah it's but it's not it's his it's a manifestation of his anxiety but it looks like the same effect really the exact so well and then like adam mckay. His new movie. I think is also. I don't know if it's an asteroid but something's going to hit the earth. I guess we all it's funny. It's like we made breaking upwards and then like katie katie. Aselton made a movie about an open religion. There are a bunch of like open relationship movies. I feel like it's funny like there's something that happens in the i don't know either collective unconscious annoying. Yeah i don't know why that is it makes you wonder about things you know what i mean. Let's go incidence. is it going on. We all part of one mind. I i should say the name of the movie. How it ends is what we're talking about currently on the podcast so but but like each point Like how did you when he scripted. The ideas like you had a time that the world was going to end and everyone knew it and this was the day of. Yeah i mean. I think the intention was like i was. I think we're both obviously as the world was trying to process what the fuck was going on With the pandemic and with quarantine and being like trapped but it was this. Like i think the dichotomy of being in this apocalyptic like nightmare but also being sweatpants and watching netflix. Every day was so like wild you know. And so. I liked the idea. We hadn't seen like an apocalyptic comedy that wasn't like mayhem violence like that saturday. So good Similar title right. What is it called which is satan and everyone. Yeah yeah but it's like it's mad out And so this was like what what like. There was a certain point. I mean we're sort of still at where we were just like resigned to this new normal would and also it's interesting how this culture comforts itself. Yeah now just sort of like you know. Brad and And watching he were baking just so why. Just love that like as that started to wear off like everybody was sort of excited. Glow we're gonna do things during the three months there. I give me. I don't wanna fucking even look at my children. Bread is going to stop this from. Yeah it was so grateful not to have children in the pandemic. oh my god journey of those people..

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