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Of the sub title of it is this. The average age of the Vietnam soldier being. Nineteen ninety. I'm about that song. I thought you were going with Hardcastle and McCormick. Didn't you Wendy a little bit? Who's the actor that wasn't undo this? No, I can't we just we literally buy them on my show. It's not Joe Saint John as hard hurt who's who? Hardcastle Hardcastle McCormick. Remember that either Bill sitting there with the end fire? Just give mean, this is you I'm going to say, Brian Keith. Oh, yes. Keith. Not Hardcastle McCormick. He's one of them. No. He's not right. Heath from family. Yes. No. Yes. No, I refuse to believe. There was some sort of electronic machinery. We're taking a picture. So that's not gonna help us at all that jazz. I think there's an actor who was in Ryan's hope named Frank. Somebody was in it too. I think Jason I wasn't really yelling you. I want to be very clear on the. Warn jasmine when Jimmy comes in there's going to be some hostility. Sure, they're always off the badger. No. She grew up in more with our buddy, Paul Gilmartin, right? Circle back to that. Never would I tell I guy with his arm army. How much I made it accomplished. Like, hey, what are you guys? Make a lot of your business that make that situation because it all happened in a matter of seconds. He he bear hugged both of us. He put his arms around both of us and then asked and I avoided it and Paul just flat out said how much he made that week. But that's all. Yeah. And then sent him his tax returns from the last three years, responsible politician would probably so. Oh, that's right. Pause running for. Zero most pompous I believe one of my best friends world party. My god. Bigger wind back in the world. You'd have a great story about polish about Bill Gates, and he's like. Anyways. Rigali about Bill Gates, and blah, blah, blah, blah. Bill gates. Bill gates. Bill Gates, somebody at the table. I think was peach water rent. Trouble goes get. So smart time. Bill Gates, Paul goes. Will you read every day we go? We're not talking about you. Okay. Not you reading an article in people magazine. Yeah. He's funny. Brian Keith was Milton c Hardcastle. Me fifty dollars. That was never said thought we said that. All right. I'll pay cash fifty two fives. And to give that money to the kids for me for the kids. I used to get to see you at this time every year because you and I were in the same fantasy baseball league meet in Las Vegas. That's right. Was insanely fun. That's why I'm in town. I'm actually in town are finished baseball draft is tomorrow. Which is why I'm not only working at zanies last night and tonight's not doing a Saturday show because I met my fantasy baseball draft. What's fun about you in Las Vegas is you just flat out, you just do not gamble, despite the fact that Las Vegas is a town sort of known for their age, and you know, the very first week ever worked at the improv at Harris nine hundred ninety six I'd never worked Vegas before. And I was there and the very first day. I want a ton of money playing blackjack the next day. I lost all that money playing blackjack and then some problems, and then I spent the rest of the week chasing the dragon. I lost my entire paycheck. And then drove home like well that was a big waste. And so then I decided I'm never going to gamble when I go there. Let me throw a theory at your tummy if you think this could possibly be true. Okay. People told me this. And I don't believe that it could be true that Las Vegas has a way of knowing that it's your first time in Las Vegas, and somehow you always win on that first time. And then every other time you go there. You don't think the pit bull but glib bosses they're onto that they go. We gotta version here. No, they don't Wendy. Fall for everything he say because my middle name is gullible you've been there now for almost twenty years. Seems like twenty flying by you. You you still haven't caught onto his. You don't know me as well, as you know, Bill because you guys went to school together. I I believe everything bright. But at some point you got to go Wendy endearing to to every day. The only reason Bill works with me because I fall for. I'm not under contract. I just. What do you remember most from our grade school in our high school? When you look back on those days what I wasn't with you in grade school. I was grateful. I grew up in hometown. Oy. High school got to be friends. What do I remember in high school? Boy. Oh boy. Positive things were you guys in any clubs? No, no bills slightly older than I am a year older. Okay. That's what you want to lie about. Two years older, and like two years, I think so you say when you graduated or is it like a guy? I think I'm two years older. But I'm one great ahead of because he skipped kindergarten kindergarten. Eighty to eighty one. Wow, you're older than me. Even more more. Broadcasters. Okay with it just to say, he's older because six months older than him. Bill leff by six never would have thought that practically generation different. What do I remember just? I don't know trying to fit in was it mostly a happy experience for you know, I enjoyed your company. Eventually, your brothers lesser extent. Although you began friends with his brother, Adam Kirk the same grade you away, and rightfully so I did sharper crisper with the comedy. So. Drifting. I'm surprised you wonder your friends. They actually my brother remembers it differently. We're very close. And then something happened. And I don't know what it was. And what it was was. I still your what has really what it was. Yeah. Yeah. And you're proud of that you're admitting that. I Adam also hung out with a group of guys that I didn't really hang out with and wouldn't. Yeah. So like that was also part of Teamsters he was in high school. But all of his friends were team all union guys. I wanna get my next broken. Right. What a pipe fitter. You cross a line to go to the last house. That's a risk. Yep. So neither of you were in clubs. You weren't in sports or I was. I'm tennis. So I was on Jeff. The. Liking sports. Sports..

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