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Code. Am I B? Okay. Okay, leads to wolves one rod and American Portuguese proxy war fought out on a Yorkshire battleground and it is the Americans who come out on top after wolves started the scoring with a scissoring Daniel Poland's bouncing Betty in the 6th minute, leads it back, Brendan aronson created a turnover in the wolf's box, the ball broke to Rodrigo out on the right and he lashed one past Jose saw in goal and then in the 74th minute after you'll make Tyler Adams broke the lines with a beautiful ball, Patrick Bamford's cross found a streaking Brendan aronson for the game winner. It was officially ruled an own goal, but the men in blazers dubious goals committee has looked at it and has decided on this show. We're giving it to that P-51 Mustang in football boots. What a win and what a goal for Brendan aronson roger. What a massive, massive movement for United States men's football. Really, really, really is. And for Americans in the Premier League, this is the truth. This is not a hyperbolic. Not just two starters, Brendan arenson, 21 years age, Medford, New Jersey, soccer Timothy Chalamet. And Tyler Adams, 23 years old from whopping his falls, New York, both making their debut, but this is a Premier League club managed for the first time in our nation's history at the beginning of a season by an American reseen Wisconsin's Jesse marsh with American ownership in the form of the San Francisco forty-niners, but if these things go well, this is great for all of us. We are going to see that as if things go belly up, we will believe me in this conservative just very risk averse world of English football. We will pay a price. So saver, days light this and God. What is that line from Hamilton? That's what I thought of at kick-off and so the American experiment begins at the gross 12 tweeted. Have Lee united Dave out officially supplanted the cowboys as America's team. Yeah, it's pretty incredible. I heard from so many people this weekend who've never ever messaged me about soccer suddenly just really into leads and that leads victory. It does feel rod that for so long we've been grasping at so many straws. As we've had to with American involvement in the Premier League. But looking at this leads performance this weekend, Tyler Adams, Brendan aronson, Jesse marsh, also central to every single good thing that was going on. It must be what it's like for Spanish people watching the Premier League on watching all these amazing Spanish managers and Spanish players. It was just, this is what it's like. We're not trying to grasp at all. This was he was involved. He made a defensive header here that led to 5 passes later the ball going in the net or trying to convince yourself that the XG or the dribbles one or the offensive actions happened. This was a manager and two players genuinely being the story of the game, you know, wherever you're from. I thought it was absolutely fantastic to watch. I loved it from the outset. Tell her Adam's set the tone with a crunching tackle on neves from the off. It was not the start. We should note that leads wanted caught by a sucker punch netto floated the border Wang at the far post and he set up Poe dense to take an improvised flick of a shot off the ground, the ball span up agonizingly. What a nightmare. Leads though credit them. God, they felt like the whole thing could just deflate and spell out of control, but they took out on the chin. They drew forward. It was helter skelter this game. Aronson, everywhere, a bit like Taylor Swift's private jet. And he thrashed one just wide off of deflection. The endeavor lifted the crowd. They hunted in packs, Ellen rode a cauldron, and it seemed to inspire to players to summon the belief that they belonged and could pummel walls and it was Brendan aaronson's persistence alongside honorary American Jack Harrison, the best New York New Jersey combo since the metro stars who caused a turnover inside the walls area, leading to the lead equalizer. My God, in that moment, I watched Brendan Owens and I was like, this kid was running around the Philadelphia union academy a couple of years ago. Here, he was chasing down, defenders on Premier League turf Rodriguez slapped him through a admittedly dodgy keeper. And we got a note, Dave, second half, leads intensity, did burn off Neto started a propel walls forward to the midfielder will. Better teams probably could have would have scored once twice in that opening of the second half. But they didn't. But they didn't. And Leeds found a way. Yeah, wolves, this was a, this was a very opening daylight performance by them, clearly their manager was extraordinarily frustrated, which we'll get to. But Leeds were difficult. They were throwing their bodies into it. They do look stronger as well as fitter. And they were just being pests. They were stopping walls from playing football, which is by the way, what walls have done a lot themselves, and sometimes that's necessary. If you're going to lift yourself back into being a mid table team, which has got to be the ambition for Jesse marsh this season. Yeah, then the moment 74th minute Adam starting the move, Jack Harrison evolved again. Brendan amundsen, speedy in on the line. 8 nori said to a prodded at home, but my God, Brendan arenson Premier League sure Mendez sped away celebrated just a move ripped

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