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Focus remains on safety. Learn more at no fear. Dentist dot com slash patientssafety This guy mostly cloudy today, and moisture is building up from South. This will bring it some isolated showers south of the Ohio River this afternoon and north of the river as we go into this evening, today's signs up on 83 tonight down to 66, Then tomorrow scattered showers and a few thunderstorms with a high of 82 from your severe weather station on nine. First warning meteorologist Jennifer Ketchmark news radio 700 wlw Not a bad start to your Friday 65 degrees News of Service of Columbia Chevrolet in Low T center more cases than we want, but positivity rate is actually gone down. This year announced 726 new cases and says the positivity rate is down to 5.18%. But the death toll is up. Here's the really hard news. Pronouncing 14 new deaths today. 12 yesterday. We had 12 the day before. 38 deaths. In just the last three days, adding that he doesn't recall a time when there have been three days of deaths in the double digits. The death toll in Kentucky is now 856. I'm Suzanne Duval discovered 19 numbers in Ohio 1122 new cases reported yesterday with 22 new deaths. That brings the total confirmed cases statewide to 106,000 and 63. With 3600 plus deaths. 86,565, Ohio ones have recovered there. Currently nine counties in the Buckeye State that are classified At Level three, which is the red level on the state's pandemic Alert system Governor Mike DeWine saying that's actually the lowest numbers since the system went into affect eight weeks ago counties in the red Zone in quote Claremont, Prebble and Clark counties as well. Just Ah, Dish detergent. Dish detergent is what's killing fish. It's along the Tesco Roberts River in both summit and Stark County's now the Ohio Department of Natural Resource is saying the soap was dumped near a storm drain. And pushed into local creeks recently by rain, creating the foam. Officials are now working to count and identify the fish about eight miles of the river near Green and heart Ville. Are also affected. Ready for Reds update with the voice of the red legs Tommy thrall while Mr Sark is news radio 700 WLW sports Cardinal scored three times in the bottom of the ninth inning to walk off over the Reds. 5 to 4 on the first of a four game series at Busch Stadium in ST Louis Cold Wong drove home Dexter Fowler, with the game winner on a drive to center field, and one hopped the wall and that spoiled the Reds plans to take the Siri's opener after the Reds had led most away for two to Sonny Gray was outstanding. Going six innings, striking out six along the way and allowing just two runs Freddy Galvis homer to this game for the Reds, hitting his fifth of the year, But in the end, it wasn't enough as the Cardinals beat the Reds five before tonight. It's Game two of a four game series between the Reds and the Cardinals. Right hander Anthony DeSclafani looks to bounce back after rough outing His last time out, he goes for a second win of the year against right hander. Dakota Hudson. Oh, in two of the 5.40 E R A. This is Tommy throw inviting you to join the cowboy Jeff Brantley and I, For all the play by play Action. First pitch is set for 8 15 will be on the air beginning at 7 45, the Reds pregame show on this Red's radio network station..

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