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I didn't lie and say it was a person related to tahari henson so we don't know that that's why you gotta be careful. You try to say oh. This person did accomplishment. And i'm going to assign that to this reysen. i dunno. You gotta be careful with this. So i think she needs a like do some sort of prefix. That's as know. This is kind of like what some people thought discovery as according to yet. Don't make it out like oh there's no. This is the be all end all sale. This is the absolute truth. There's nothing else and that's the thing would history. I don't think of history as a science. It's not something that's been like into. Doug now been proven as people realize history is is more yes more close to the fantasy than actually you know other things people and they don't wanna take it as that but you know that's how we are right now so just keep that in mind that history is not as factual as you may think absolutely. Well look at that guys. It looks like we're at that time again. It's coming to the end of our two hundred tenth episode of could learn quite the episode discussing a really interesting question which was does loving your race. Make you a radical. Now what a khalil. What do they have to do. What would they should do and they always do. Come back next week for the woken free wednesday episode and then of course they make sure they follow us on social media to follow along the conversation and make sure they tune in next week four. Will everyone's eight join the conversation. How woken free dot com. Absolutely nath you wanna be a guest on the show guys. We had our son. He enjoyed the episode. He hopes you do to come back to hear more especially if he has things to say which little one does all the time now But what do you got to do. If you want to share your story to potentially.

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