Florida, Major League Soccer, Major League Soccer Players Association discussed on Orlando's Evening News


Evolution county to land had another peaceful demonstration this afternoon protests are expected across central Florida throughout the week today from the Florida department of health Florida reported its biggest spike in culvert nineteen cases since more than a month yeah thirteen hundred and seventeen cases were added to the crowd of our stash for that's the highest since April seventeenth two positive tests were more than double the number reported yesterday Major League Soccer and its players union reached an agreement that allows to play allows played a resume with a summer tournament that'll take place very close to home for us the deal was announced by the Major League Soccer players association it today after talks that led to some players is skipping voluntary workouts end of the league even threatening a lock out this six year deal includes across the board pay cuts and reduced bonuses details of the Florida tournaments are still being finalized but we do know the league's twenty six teams and limited staff would be based here in the Orlando area and the matches will be played at ESPN's wide world of sports without fans Randy Hastings in news ninety six point five W. DPO.

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