March Fifteenth Sixteenth, Last Year, Fifteen Months Later discussed on Boston Public Radio Podcast


We're sitting here with a couple of our colleagues in you by the way we are thrilled to be here regardless it is. We've been counting the days for months. What's the audience situation. Where can people come in so again because this space is under the contract with the catered affair and gbh is a component of that it really has to be an between all of the parties to get our audience back in here. But i'm hoping that's in the weeks as well. We agree already. So you have our okay. Let's on to the other parts. How nervous by the way no one has ever lived. No library head is ever lived through something like this. You know where you and your colleagues. Yeah i'm nervous i'm excited. I'm just like the rest of the staff. Were mixture of one to get back to in person service because no matter how great our online presence is and we got an award for last year. The libraries are about in person service. We wanna do that. Some of us are worried about. The pandemic is not behind us yet. Another is are willing to just go with the rules and we'll we'll make it work but the only times that the library is closed for more than a day was after the marathon bombing. There was this huge transformer failure in back bay. And so you know back in march april last year. It was closed for weeks. What's that going to be like. And now here. We are fifteen months later. So what was it like during this fifteen muscle. What what could you do. What could you do. Obviously the building. Not the services. But what could you do. Well i think that day march fifteenth sixteenth where we closed to the public several of us were standing certainly the central library that same same was true branches. Watching people go out. And we'll see you soon. But we don't know we don't know when and that was That was heartbreaking to think that this was going to go for for.

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