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But I really think the reds were the right side in that game. Anyway, but it's simply to say that if you don't evaluate your losses in something resembling this manner baseball season is going to grind you down to a nub baseball season is a it's a heavy commitment. It really truly is. So when you look at yesterday's game here. And of course, I watched the end of both of the one nothing losses that I had yesterday. You look at this one specifically Louis Casteel was fantastic gave up one hit. It was an RBI single. That was the game winning hit for the brewers there. One hit over seven innings one run walked four struck out nine. He only allowed one batted ball over ninety four point seven miles per hour. So Casteel was very very goodness game. He was exceptional in this game. It was one hundred mph ground out from Mike was stock is the way that the brewers scored their run wasn't a walk a Bach in a. Seventy two mph single. So Casteel, basically in the one run scoring opportunity. The brewers really had in this game. Got lucky gave up a very soft single up the middle of balk advanced the runner, you know, those things generally aren't going to happen. So we're on the wrong side but casino did look like the right pitcher in this game. No on the flip side here. Freddie for all. The what it's a great stat. One eight innings pitched to hits no runs. No walks. Eleven strikeouts. But four Peralta in this outing. He allowed seven of the games. Ten hardest. Hit batted balls. The reds were two for seven on those batted balls of ninety six point eight plus miles per hour. They only managed to.

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