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Like i feel like by telling us that he just group tax about pooping she's telling us he was 2 disgusting and she couldn't take that and i looking up the justin timberlake and they dated like for for a minute but it wasn't all that serious tell us more fergie looking at the picture she'd never been in the clubhouse before and i don't know if the fergie thing happened after brittany it looks like get life from these pictures there are neang yeah so anyway i i split the idol would illustrate merkin i we could hollywood's we got to to the point said far he'd you notice the similar nope sorry that's throw on yeah no here we go this is the oval constantly stood lowry here's the rumors through who approach should be an american idle judge but as you approach to be on the malcolm idle loyal for he uh i i am not speaking shadow stamina i don't all interests at out she totally was totally yeah she occasionally liz i don't like her you don't like for you know i don't yeah doni you'd only there some about to swear he's him and i was you know because she was with and but i like her answers were good on the plead the fifth that doesn't make me like i know i know i know but she's feels very on fake yes to me yeah i just don't lie she was on with jesse some snow from from empire oh who's so funny i love him here and he's so why would they ask ferki to be a judge on american aydohya desperate i mean i dunno empty and what about the one where she thinks that taylor swift song every in play that way our first gun your we go to the point said farhi june notice to similarity in the.

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