Dole, Clinton, Iran discussed on The John Batchelor Show


Shooting war group hurd kurd whom we rodney occurred dole wanted under array who that where there on crop fitted where clinton me log known a cop have the cap hold high office it can't even have a single could we mall wrong if you have payroll uh obviously dirty added by occupy wall quietly any anything anyway on the will be back there right and so what okefenokee wrong occurred bronco long breaking there are very real he can i ask you about initiative gets very little attention have less than amendment it may be quickly tell us what is the status of dissidents inside iran we have about thirty seconds shot a doctor you've got that were pheko every day people don't hear about it very beautiful it will cry the people who are suffering from enclave your bank at good bye uh i'm very clear prodemocracy movement who fight he long out by loss and you know the question of prime when one up uh he's apropos begin to grow yang the ability of the government to contolled dr shahrier he is the cofounder of the unity for democracy in iran therefore arrigo malcolm what i learned from the good doctor is that there is another choice between support of rather than supporting the iran deal that has failed or war and that is supporting the iranian people who oppose the dictatorship set malcolm hoenlein conference of presidents major american jewish organizations the el.

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