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It's just unbelievable. What happened to him? Any t- night is the student at western Michigan university, that's sway kit was headed into thousands twelve. He was planning to study English and finance. But before he was able to board the flight to the US. He was arrested sway kid was in accused of taking part in anti-government protests and last week. It was beheaded our school is like in a big shock. Western Michigan university did publicize sway kits case into thousand seventeen about one hundred faculty and administrators signed a petition urging President Trump to intervene. Michigan state Representative John hold the says, he also wrote to Trump about sway kids. I was calling on President Trump as voice for thousands of people in my area who wanted to see his safe return. It's not clear if the Trump administration brought up the case with the Saudis the. The department said in a statement that quote, the US calls on all governments to ensure that no death penalty is imposed on a defendant who was a minor at the time of the arrest or as crime, and quote, hold the though believe the US should have done more for swayed kit during the news of the beheading and the execution was just a punch in the gut. This was not an act that had to happen in. It sends a message across the globe that we are falling behind on human rights, and why of the mess executions last week shocked many for the older the despair rises to another level. I'll oldest father is currently imprisoned in Saudi Arabia his been sentenced to death. So any news of executions since his heart racing a towards me and at four is a lot of people law into Rabia. So we night tweet about my father a lot of people follow on gutted concerned an. Asked me about him. So yeah, it's it's it's really warring. I'll oldest father Solomon older is a prominent Saudi cleric before he was arrested in two thousand seventeen he had a big social media following. He was followed by so many millions on Facebook. And he was followed on Snapchat and also on Twitter. He was followed on Twitter alone by almost fourteen million people, which is double then the king, west West Memphis. side of people. This is all that the fathers in a video your prostate on Twitter, according to his son, he preached about human rights, equality and Islam IQ value twister gone walk then in two thousand seventeen he apprently crossed the line. Although the posted a tweet about gutter the Persian Gulf country, which has tense relations with the Saudi government. A few hours later security forces showed up at his home in Riyadh and took him away for five for six months. We didn't know if he was alive or dead last September the courts brought thirty seven charges against him mocking the government to chief meant call in to change the system into a constitutional monarchy possess in some books that are banned and they can for his safety the younger at other moved to Washington DC. I asked him if his reached out to American. Fficials about his father. Although the prefers not to say, but he points out that the recent executions in Saudi Arabia should be less than for the Trump administration and its unwavering support for the crown prince also known as MB s he may be running the kingdom right now. But he's an unstable person who waged war against a neighboring country blockaded another country cut ties with Canada over tweet put a prime minister ofa foreign country, which is heavily under house arrest. He did all these atrocities in the region. So if you care about the region, let alone if you care about human rights, you should care about not putting all the eggs in the basket of Mba's. Uh-huh. That says he understands that when it comes to dealing with Saudi Arabia. The United States puts his own financial and political interests I, but he adds it's also in the US interest to build bridge..

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