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That's not the book everyone's waiting for its. I know it's like story jas. Yeah. How do you feel right now having taken this year off do you feel as excited as ever to get back to do you feel actually was there a moment when you saw that billboard of of John what he's surrounded by the bodies from the battle the bastard that's up on like Hollywood and Franklin re like, oh, yeah. Yeah. Hey, I want TV to make me feel like that. Again. Are you excited are you where are you in your own journey? Well, I think we talked a little bit about this when we were quarter with Sam for the year end podcasts about the excitement around. There still is like a real excitement around Sunday night event television, and the idea of there being like the these things being parceled out and everybody kind of on the same schedule. And I think that that is thing that I'm really looking for game of thrones is the feeling of almost like a mini sports season. And that will all kind of be on the same football night in America schedule with this show. They will almost certainly not be sharing it with others beforehand. So yeah, that part of it and the idea of it being like, this this and Tissot. Tori thing is really exciting. You know, I think that there's a little bit of a coda to to feeling to this Minnie's that they're doing here. I think they've told the story that they're telling yes, I do too. And this is a little bit more of a supernatural mystical kind of fight that we're into four and there's a lot about the game of there's a lot about game of thrones. As a story that was so subversive about are kind of understanding of like, the the, you know, this person needs to live and conquer this person. You know, we all you know, if you didn't read the books you'd be like, right? This is the story of how Robb stark saves saves his family, right? And I think that will they how they continue to subvert that. And how did they do that off of book? Basically is the fascinating question. I also think it's worth considering as the very noisy very expensive and of an era. Yeah. On television for sure. And for sure I know this first hand, and I'm sure anyone else's ever worked at any production. Any level will attest to this? There's always an element on any. Even the most blessed and fortunate productions in history that were then resulted in great ratings awards, there's always an element. If I can't believe we got away with this. I can't believe we trick them. I can't believe we full them. I can't believe we're gonna pull this off. Despite what it seemed like ten minutes ago. That's always the case. But for as much as a, you know, at this point, God knows how many hundreds of millions of dollars. They spent on the show. There is kind of a it was never an underdog. But it's insane. That the show became what it became, obviously. If you consider the scope of the stories and people would read the books before would have felt this from the beginning. They were probably probably Jason. And Mallory thought when they read the books boy anyone ever gets this, right? This could be the biggest story in the world. This could be the most exciting television show or movie or whatever it was going to be in the world. But you know, Tom McCarthy directed a busted pilot if this. Yeah, David Benny often his buddy, Dan Weiss had written with Benny off certainly add with a lot of credits. And but they'd never done this. I mean, not only had they never run a, you know. Multi hundred million dollar production in multiple European countries. They never run a TV show. Yeah. Many of these actors who we take for granted as appearing. We're character actors children. Yeah, it's astonishing that they pulled this off to the degree of quality that they did and the degree of success that now we take it for granted that this is just going to be the most visually spectacular thing. The next era of storytelling on this level. Our shows and projects that were born on third base and are going to try to convince you that they hit a triple. They're going to be like Lord of the rings Lord of the rings show, which we're going to keep mentioning this. And it won't matter if the shows good, but it will always be matter..

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