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Believe our intelligence officials who produce the intelligence community assessment and I believe the indictment that. Robert Mueller has now presented is well, taken John, Cornyn is the number, two member of the Republican party in the United States Senate he is the man who is Mitch McConnell's deputy, and people should understand and this is what the White. House needs to understand and I'm gonna give you one other little tip here the president and his traveling party are in the air they're returning to the United States. And. What's going to happen when they get here is they are then going to. Have to answer a lot? Of very. Tough questions Don Donald Trump, did not condemn Russia for their interference. In the twenty sixteen election how can anybody say that that's okay as, a, matter of fact he. Did the opposite of. Condemning him he actually. Said he, believed that he didn't do it because Because he, said he didn't do it can I also include John casick just gave an. Interview the governor of Ohio who ran for president and this is his reaction he said. It's depressing really unlike anything we've seen, in my, lifetime a president of, the United States thing you know I find a kind of believed a former KGB agent over our intelligence communities, and case it concluded this is a sad day John. We're gonna take a little break here we'll come back and get more phone calls eighty eight tennis the telephone number by the way you can also Email us my. Email. Address is very simple it's Pat at Keijo radio dot com and John you. Wanna give everybody yours John? Rothman are. OT h. m. a. n., n. the number two at Yahoo dot..

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