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The forecast now for DFW, sinus. Let's check in with our chief meteorologist, Dan Bruneau. Dan, dense fog north and east of the Dallas Fort Worth area right now as temperatures have fallen anywhere from thirty one right now in Denton with some freezing fog, not freezing drizzle, but freezing fog and all Dow up to forty degrees right now in Rockwall, also any area lakes. You drive over. There's gonna be some dense fog, even though you're not in a fog advisory. So again, be careful out there loudly extra time getting the work is temperatures will warm today. We'll see more Sunday clouds for the first half of the day will warm to near sixty but the high clouds will turn into mid level clouds and then lower clouds will invade the area by tomorrow afternoon. Showers around through the day a little bit better chance by evening as a weak cool front comes through the area, but this front it's not gonna cool soft much, but it's gonna bring a lot of wind within fifty five for tomorrow, but Wendy on Thursday still around fifty five, but the sun will be back out wind chills in a forties because those north northwest winds will. Be gusting a size thirty five possible. Wind advisory maybe be issued be careful on those area. Lakes on Thursday, Friday, still breezy, high around sixty Saturday more of the same less win near sixty. And then fifty five is a weak front. Calls us off a little bit into Sunday and Monday. But no rain in the forecast except for tomorrow. Not too bad. Good morning to you in plano. Yep. Some fog in your area, you're at thirty five thirty six here that KRLD news, traffic and weather all day. Listen anytime, anywhere. Download the radio dot com app and favorite NewsRadio. Ten eighty KRLD..

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