FBI, Director, Barack Obama discussed on Rush Limbaugh


It created the office of national intelligence and this federal agency would be the clearinghouse for all intel the see i would send what it knows to the deny the fbi would send what it found out the d i a defense intelligence agent ns everybody would send what they thought they knew to this new office of national intelligence created a brand new bureaucracy well a guy named james clapper served as director of the office of national intelligence for obama and he's a leftwing hack he is a partisan hack and we know that jake tapper jim shudo evan perez and carl bernstein at cnn knew what they thought they knew about the dossier because jim clapper leaked the information to them worse than that it was all part of a calculated setup to give c n n a news hook so that they can start reporting on the steele dossier and make it public the steele dossier had been known for months it was floating around washington everybody knew what it was and everybody knew that it was unverified uncorroborated everybody in the media knew that none of it could be established to have happened none of it could be proved none of it can be verified but the media wanted it in the public domain how to do that cnn needed a news hook a news hook is a reason to report on it aside from its contents you couldn't report on the details because none of it was verified so they needed a way to get this thing known by the american people the way this happened james clapper essentially told komi to go brief trump on the existence of the dossier that happened in january that happened on january sixth of two thousand seventeen at that point news outlets cluding cnn buzzfeed washington post they all have it they're looking for an excuse to run it on january sixth clapper tells komi to brief trump on the dossier in case somebody runs with it so komi follows clapper's instructions and gaza meeting with trump where he tells him about the salacious details such as the.

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