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In for Tyler AKI this week. And of course we'll be doing then it about 7 20 by Jon Drummond and Nancy Huggins for which ended higher. Eric. Good to hear you back on the show What you bet up to? I've been good. I've been working all since. As you know, We've got the White Sox this season here and ask you 1000. So I am my my duties now have been moved to White Sox. So I've been working all the White Sox games being in studio here talking to Lenin. DJ gin that son Well, that should be fun season to be working on. They got some talent there. It should be exciting, the timing of us getting them and then coming to where they're at now, and then it's it's tight and Amy is a White Sox fan. I'm I'm just it's great. Yeah, well, that's great. That's awesome. I I was going to say was that the Cup game last Sunday was like minus 20 below. It felt anyway, so, but it's great to have baseball back for sure Real Was that the temperature or was that the bat's probably put a little bit of both fairy for sure starting their bats in the phaser. There's no doubt about that. Yeah. First year we've got for Huggins and scats auction there spent so much cool stuff being brought in the R R guy that sent in all those babe. Routes that are already listed had a bunch of other stuff from the thirties. It was like a one of the things he had was a 1933 sport. King's card number six Jim Thorpe, It got graded a P ece three. I was looking up Jim Thorpe. I said, this guy I think was a really great athlete. Basically 100 years ago. He was like the world's greatest athlete. It 1912. He won gold medals in the pentathlon and decathlon. Was born in 18 87 died in in 1953. He, uh, played in Major league baseball from 1913, the 1919 and then in the NFL from 1920 to 26. And then plus a little bit in 28. He was a tailback and and full bath. Just figure out like how was in relation to everybody else at the time. And you and now, Okay, Here's Here's a quiz for a bonus. Yes, you need all the help I can get this season in the movie Jim Thorpe, all American and 1951. What actor big name actor played Jim Thorpe. 1951 1951. Uh huh. Yeah. Is this for? Um You know, I I don't think John Wayne is wrong. Yes. Yeah, because you wanted to get the point anyway, Bill. It wasn't unstable. I say Daddy held Clark Gable. Pretty good guess, but no Burt Lancaster. Okay, Okay. I've heard it said yes. So too did watch e don't lose a point, though, yet, right? You don't lose it. Okay. Thank you. It was a bonus point. If you thank you, thank you. Maybe you would get that was close some other things. I sent in that They just got the Huggins and Scott yesterday, one of our listeners had some really nice 1961 clear basketball cards. That some of them are going to get grated. Because now I don't know if you know about this, but P ece stop doing all their their lesser priced Grating fees, and the least expensive grating fee is $300 occurred. So you really need good stuff in order to get traded, but to show how nice this was there, I think there were Five cards that they were going to get graded by P. Ece and another four or five by sGC and then run. The rest is a lot. There was a Will Chamberlain rookie that was Really nice look, and it was in the holder. The centering added in the color were beautiful. I guess it had a crease in it. The couldn't really tell which hurts the value some, but I could see that doing Like for me. It's still worth getting graded that still worth getting old. Yeah, with the truth about that rookie card? Yes, With Bill. You saw that card, then you wouldn't have beautiful color and centering Nana. Oh, yeah. No, I mean that crease is just the same. I Without that, that card, the $10,000 card easily. I mean, I don't know what it's gonna sell for it Make greater Two or three with that creek or something like that, But it's gonna sell for four or five money. I can guarantee it just looks so nicely. It's gonna end that card all All rookies of howl of Famers air, really hot brand now with people that are are in thinking of it as they liked the collecting idea, But they're doing a lot of investing and stuff. I think there's a lot of those guys are really getting into the The big time name, rookie cards, and if it looks like to me, that would have been perfect. It's still too much for me to buy. If I was God, I don't bet on things that I send in any way. But If I was going to get a will rookie that I liked that maybe wasn't as high a grade as some of them. This would be the press The perfect Yes. Yes, yes. There's so many of the cards like he had to ask a Roberts and rookies to Elgin Baylor rookies, and so many of them are off center in that set just to find one that's centered right. There is a A big advantage to that card, so that would be interesting to see what grade they all end up getting. And then, of course, watching all those. Well, you've got some other biggies in that I didn't send him but from other people, Then you go see some guy that had a huge collection of great stuff. Several of me. Yeah, really busy. I mean, the amount of stuff that people I guess I've been cooped up in their house and dug out while they're just hanging out at home has been amazing that we I've been sending people I know we're doing a Chicago trip is that next week that I'm not mistaken. I think so. Yeah, e think my coming out. He's flying in the Minnesota Picked up a deal renting a truck and then He's headed for Chicago toe. I guess rain. He's been talking to you about Louise supposed to go see and everything and all that. Yeah. I had a guy that had a big collection of autographed items that he had stopped in here and was here. He way sent rainy, a list of like 30 items that he had, and Randy was kind of like, I think we could probably do all of these. It was a good list of autographed item, so I don't know who else is gonna be picking up from, But I'm sure he's got a ah, full round, so we'll see what happens with that. And then, uh, we sent in Duane, who's been a longtime customer. Here he comes in once, once or twice a month. He always looks at that. The old cardboard Well, he he brought in a Gretzky rookie that It's like, OK, this is good enough card to send in the PS, and it got in eight. So that's gonna be knows, you know? Yeah, that was that was a good grade on that card, so it definitely pays too. Get those big type cards grated and csg that I've talked about in the past was since P ECE stop taken in their lesser priced Uh, Different levels of grating and sGC raised their minimum one. I think to $75 I guess, CSG that a new company got deluged with stuff. So now they've got a delay on their stuff to me. I've been telling people you know right now, unless you have a monster card don't even send you e guess in the SMR last. I think it was last month. Where the head of P Ece said they literally had, like a few million cards. Wow, few million. Oh, my Wow. Maybe get it. If you had a card that everybody knew in the industry was gonna, you know, maybe be priced at, like 50 grand. Plus, could you send that there and then prioritize that if you get that, I do They do that. Those ones I think they don't They say Bill a lot of those that their 300 or more, they get those back in two or three. Weeks, but someone or left in that? Yeah, so that what they're doing is the stuff that they're that they're charging 300, or more for based on what it grades and who it is in the value. Once it's in the holder. They're getting that stuff back to us..

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