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So why were they so fix it and I was it a crime of I mean I'm using crime with like air quotes even though it does feel crime. Eat Amelia Was it a crime of opportunity? Wait can I guess before you answer? Is it because you threaten the status quo? Is it because if they have women who can go out there and be audacious in their lives and run for office that all? The sudden thwarts the the equilibrium of the power which has always been towards the men. I mean I certainly think so. I think that that's a huge part of it. And that's one of the things that has made me so determined to stay out in front and in you know in as many ways that I can not because I because it's easier because I like it because honestly it pretty much sucks every time you go out in front and you you guys know this too but like you're a target and but I I do think one of the interesting things is that the I have nothing. There is no value in attacking me anymore. They don't have anything to gain by doing it but they do. Just incessantly anytime I appear. It's like they. They just can't stand the fact that I haven't gone away with what they've done they're like you need to be hiding in shame. And and I think that's something that is really indicative of the way that they WanNa tear down women and but you know the other thing in terms of why I think. They were so fixated on me and on. You know what had happened was that they saw it as an opportunity to to undermine the metoo kind of movement they saw it as an opportunity to You know to to fixate on something. That was sexualizing. Right like I was. I was only the second bisexual person who's ever been elected to Congress. And like this is you know it's a fetish is kind of thing you know misunderstood totaling and so You Know I. It's it's way catch your headlines than you can get in almost any other situation and There's like this weird creepy like fantasy kind of ask. Oh my God the discussing messages and and you give examples lots of calls about me and AOC having threesomes with people and it's like but like really disgusting graphic like ways that they leaving messages for my poor like young staff to listen to listen to it. It's just leaving messages on your office phone. That was actually you bring up a OC or them bring up AFC kind of made me want it. That kind of dumped into the next question like it seems like or the next. I guess point. It seems like a lot of there's a part of conservativism that can't quite understand their attraction to powerful an outspoken women. And I it's not even just sexual is just an attraction They can't reconcile it. In the only way for them to process it is is by making it obscene and deciding that it's something that so that way they get to experience these women's actually but also like wag their them. Yeah at the same time God I wish I wish phone call Ted Lake when you could just hit call caller. Id or whatever it would just through the whole pipeline. Just spray pepper spray. That'd be wonderful if somebody could invent that that'd be wonderful. Yeah certainly grimes is your phone. Number is on a list advocate like pepper spray. Yeah was it mostly men leaving messages or was it Yeah Yeah that's definitely they were. I mean don't get me wrong. There were some women but like not definitely not overwhelming majority. Were you ever afraid that somebody was going to hurt you. Oh Yeah I mean there were there were trucks that were you know like these big black trucks that were following my mom around me and stuff like that in the district There were I stayed kind of out of the public. Like I had They they arranged special security for me when I went to the airport for the first time to go back to You know to La from DC. And yet there was a while I mean. There were a lot of threats. Did you find support in Congress? Could you look to your. Could you look to Nancy? Could you look to to say you know help? What do I do? This is terrible. I'm being besieged I mean yes they were they were. They were there but there was also. I think it's just a very isolating experience. You have to make this decision on your own and you have to. I wasn't getting any pressure to resign from any of my colleagues. But you also you know that like they're only a certain number of people that can openly come to your defense and they did but there's there are a lot who Who might have seen it as more of a political risk especially again the ones in the tougher seats and And you know I didn't want to be. I didn't WANNA put anyone in danger of you know my. I couldn't stand that if like my whatever situation is in some way used against them in their reelection. And that's just you know that'll be another piece of guilt. That's kind of hanging over my head for ever as you begin a term for the first time in. Congress is there other guidelines for dealing with these kinds of? I mean everybody knows that Congress people are put in the spotlight and it would seem that in order to protect especially in a more vulnerable. Congress people who come from from minority representation whether it be female. Lgbtq community or minority communities that aren't as represented that there should be protections in place to just prepare you for what happens if something like this occurs. Not In exactly the same way of course but I. I don't know if there are protections in place and I think the no and I don't know what that is I don't know how you how you create that But I do think that this is a totally new situation reading. Republicans got down there just going to deny deny point say like Yep and you know the other part I think is that Or just say yeah you know I screwed up. I'm sorry I'M GONNA keep going. I I back from like there's just not the and I think that I I really do think and the early pulling that we were doing suggests that I had enough of a margin that I I probably could have stuck it out but I didn't you know to me that wasn't the right call and and I'm glad I did it. The only kind of concern I have though is like making sure it stays blue and and the question is like by helping Christy Smith like in my in my hurting her right and I don't know the answer to that so I was at that announcement at that house where you the event. Whoa had introduced the first time and was very emotional. Yeah I think everybody there was completely is just completely behind you and supported you and and I think when you introduce Christie. There's probably a moment of just like oh she now still have to get to know my new mommy and and and you know I and I remember you saying I would only step down if I knew that she was going to step in and And I think everybody's sort of leaned forward. Oh okay well if you endorse her. And then she you know she. She's spoke so eloquently. She's so strong she got a lot of you know and and experienced behind her and she was wonderful and I think she she charmed everybody in that room but there was such this layer of sadness so now and I think it was before your your brother had. Oh yeah had and so It it's it's just a confounding year that you've had but also I I. I just think that was such a strong move and I wondered. Do you ever think about Okay what would what would it look like if I did? And if I didn't and if Christie had said no in that moment oh gosh. Yeah if she said no that she wasn't gonNA run than I than I would have really had to rethink things. Because there wasn't there honestly was not anyone even remotely close to To what I thought she could do. Especially because we'd campaign together before right And it's GonNa be hard enough with somebody who you know. Fortunately a lot of the campaign operation that we had before was able to kind of roll into this and she hired a lot of the people who worked on my campaign tons and tons of the volunteers like they know what they're doing so that's a big help but it's also The the runoff is going to be in. May and the so. We have a democratic leaning district now. She survived last night. She did. Yeah and we. We knew she was going to make it to the top two but but it's democratic-leaning seat now or district now but in a in a weird special election kind of timeframe it turns into a Republican leaning district again like in our plus four. So it's like that's the part that I'm worried about. Is You know I think she'd win? She will win again in November. Almost certainly as far as I'm concerned I mean I guess you never know and the the way that the vote broke down last night was I didn't love it but But you know. I'm I'm worried about her. Potentially losing in the special and then kind of disruption that would cause and also you know just think it would be terrible for us to have fought so hard for this district to flip and have won by so much right like we didn't. It wasn't a question. It was in like the reelection was looking like it was going to be like a massive landslide right But it was now you now to to go backwards like that. The question that I have is what responsibility do I have for that? And so I don't know not your fault that you generated a lot of excitement. I mean I it is your fault that people really like it. It is but it's not your fault that I inspire inspire people. I mean you just you were being you. And that's what people found so inspiring an I think Kristie can can bring that to and I think if everybody I had never met you before I was knocking on doors for you and I think that it was the idea of this of this place turning blue and and bringing people out of their homes on election day and saying like can I help. Can I drive you? Can you know out of Los Angeles on election day for like a long drive up to outside and in the weeks before power canvassing being hosted a town hall for Katie as well and I was surprised at like half the audience was like l. a? Hollywood types it was a really. I not surprised because I just people really left. La to come to come support you. And I mean I guess the question that I have is because you do have this this this fan base. You know this community people really support. You hasn't been difficult to talk to the supporters. Obviously the detractors. Have you know dealing with them as their own? I mean five them if fuck them exactly but but for the supporters what would you what do you say? Now that you're you're shifting gears. Yeah I mean that's that has been the hardest part right is that there are a lot of people who who I think have like you sent as a sadness right or people who felt like they did so much and they were really truly behind it and to see it go away to the kind of crumble is it. You know there's a there's something that you left. There's a part of you that you left with this campaign or elevated you buy so much people are like people said you know. I never cared about politics. And then I got involved in your race and I felt like I felt seen I felt like represented truly represented and now like that's shattered and And I don't I you know what I what is the hardest is to be able to say like listen. You know we have to see it shows that we have to keep fighting that much more. Yeah I was GONNA say if it's any consolation I think what is left in. Its place is a iron cauldron bubbling full of anger and action and in in that place and.

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