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Hi, Gail, I'm really thrilled to be here, and I think I think I might have needed that. I, I came up in the air a midday many years ago because my kids are in their fifties and sixties. When there was no book, you just did it. And I made a lot of mistakes, but we got through it so, and now my sunny wants me closer to him because he's living in one end of the world and I'm living in another. And so we're going to get together and I moving in June two where he is, but. What made you decide to write the book now after doing all of these classes and being in this for many years? That's a really great question. First of all, Gail on wishing you a lot of luck on moving to sunnier pun intended places and I'm sure they'll enjoy yourself there. I decided to write the buck because after working with so many different families over the decades and hearing myself spend time giving over information and inspiration time. And again, with all my groups in my classes on my practice, canceling, I thought it would be so much more effective and. I actually I'd be able to get to that many more people across the globe. If I put my thoughts down in some kind of logical order and allowed working mothers who are involved with their career and their children and want to have something black on white with chapters clear, being able to access microgram. So instead of needing to be either by phone or by Skype or in person, I just decided to take the time sit down take most of what I learned from the wonderful mothers who were my partners along these years. Am I own personal experience raising my children as I finished my studies got my degrees and created my private practice that this was been tastic time to be able to reach as many mothers as possible in the easiest way possible while that sounds like a very intelligent decision. So I wish you the best with this book. So I love the fact that you call it a working. Others GPS. I love that, but you know, this new parenting method that you create it is different than all of the other parenting methods that you learn about. So what makes it so unique and different. On that question is the most important question for me because that really is the reason why created the program to begin with. I'm going back quite a while as you said, when my children were young, I was very determined very serious on the cockpit personality. I love everything being perfect. And so I bought as many books as I could, and I joined even to parenting groups concurrently simultaneously trying to be the best mom possible was focused on the girls while was focused on powder is I wanted to get everything down Pat. And what I realized was that the more I read in the more I learned two things happened. One of them was that I started feeling even more guilty and more upset about all the things that I hadn't even noticed I was overlooking or doing wrong. And the second thing was I felt that I was running as quickly as I could never put up another words when I finally figured out had a make my three year old daughter either vegetables. She. Grew into another stage where now I had to go look up on page one, seventy four or maybe no page to find out what to do when she was fighting with the neighbor who came over for a play date. So I felt more guilty more style. And every time I thought I understood something or got a skill that I felt I could implement it us. I felt that I didn't know what to do the minute, the age or the situation change. And one day I sat down and decided there has to be a better way, and I spent the rest of my life figuring that out and sharing it with others. And this book reflects that, wow, you know, I have to tell you, I think I was on autopilot when I was raising the kids. We had three kids, five dogs and three cats. My, my husband and I both worked very long hours. I had my own business. He worked for a company and then it had his own business on the side. So it was just hectic all the time, but we got through it and I'm not sure why or how or what,.

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