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Scoundrels. Honestly you know was chiffon. That's a major cases lay from atlanta. Said i just keep my old standby on standby let me tell you. That's the way the world when you in a pandemic like nobody has to be meeting new people and sleeping with new people. Just keep old faithful. All's dam by like that just makes more sense like y'all talk on a regular basis you offerings. Yana gonna put each other in danger. You'll have conversations with each other. Like look this when i'm doing this what you're doing you problem asking them questions like. Hey you haven't suffered a miles. Yes okay well. They know we don't is. Hey you haven't sex for miles. No all right. We'll come on come on over christie from baltimore. Said i've been on a few days during the rona in. It's not really a difference before ronan got here. Just wear masks to the dinner table. And when leaving. So ma- marie and west. This is what i mean. People are good lives here. Miss marie from west palm beach. Florida said What to say here. A friend and i from eighteen years ago reconnected. After running into each other in the grocery store in november two thousand nineteen. We learned that we were actually neighbors. During the outset of the corona deterioration of his marriage came to head. His wife wanted to separate. He confided in me in our new daily walks best started during the corona six weeks. Later feelings arose and we took our walks in another scenic place. But that didn't last long as there were just too many factors a new separation a pandemic and so much uncertainty so when things begin to lift a half on tender to see other ones immediately i met a nice couple listen. Marie is living her best life. Okay if this is wishy. Here's my thing if this is what you wanna do. People do what you wanna do. Just be safe. She said immediately. I'm at a nice couple. We met for dinner and became friends. Love and friendship is still happening is so is decoupling to. We really are adaptable. Let me say something. Live your best life. Miss marine west palm beach florida. Do whatever you need to do but just be safe does all. This is going to be safe. Make sure everybody is strapped up and dept up. Do you understand what. I'm saying fifty k. From baltimore says sliding has become my thing as zoom stalk for a period of time then finesse way into the. Dm's wow this has to be somebody who was born in eighties. The last honey. Dip iran up on turned into a four hour video chat and i'm pretty sure he likes me. Put yourself out there a little bit ladies and just enjoy the ride. It can only go one of two ways. That's the best advice. Ever put yourself out there and enjoy the rod. It can only go one of two ways realistically worst. The worst thing that can happen. Somebody don't like you. Somebody rejection semi says no so the hell wet at this point in your life you have experienced things than some random bama that you don't know not liking you. You haven't really lived a life at all like so. What is somebody that you don't know that you're not invested in decided that they don't like you so girl or do about your business so fia from orange county says. I am single by definition during the rona avenue. Pretty quarantine with the exception of about three. I'm sorry i've been pretty quarantined with the accession of about three occasions. Where i had to get out and well have sex. I did once with an axe and a few other times with the previous guy. Would i go out in public. And risk catching the rona. No not really. But i felt that this was essential. I love you guys. I swear to guy. Ray said it's been tumultuous and complicated as i've been in a relationship and it just recently ended due to differences in how we navigated together through the pandemic. We had some philosophical differences. That felt like they couldn't be resolved. Dang ram sorry that that happened to you but you know what hopefully something new is coming. Your way slam. Calhoun homestead. i hate this house. It'd be nice to get. I don't know if you guys have seen is my favourite corona me ever. It's this little girl who's just walking around in circles. And i hate this house. I hate this house atelier. Understand how she feels. And sometimes i'm not gonna lie but that's what this reminded me of so slim. Calhoun said this house. It'd be nice to get a breath of fresh air and see people. I don't live with someone who wrote guerrilla said. I do a lot of flirting jodie from georgia said now hanging out much but we do things together at home. We go bike riding and do curbside for food. I miss dating though. Sometimes i get uncomfortable when he tries to kiss me especially when he comes in from work or leaves the house but we are still intimate. I guess when we get going. Forget all about cova sometimes. It's like the anybody thinking about no corona virus. Them hormones get to jumping. No dates to eleven said. No no dates to eleven said. I had no dates before corona. And i have no dates during corona anonymous from north carolina. At pinton been pimping since pimping are pampa while you better make sure you are wearing masks and being safe before you be on a ventilator Nbc from tallahassee said. I've been nervous about dating and going out and rightfully so like i m b like. I totally get that because it is to be nervous about from kansas city missouri. My husband and i are in pali here. we go. y'all is getting it in man. My husband and i are in poly amorous relationship and we have a girlfriend. She has a boyfriend that doesn't know about us. He lives out of town so it makes it easier for us time with her. However when rona ahead she decided to quarantine with her man so we don't see her as much. It was cool in the beginning. But now we've been exploring introducing another woman into the relationship and posted our profile on a couple of dating sites. We were required. Anyone new to take a rona test before we are intimate with them. Listen abby why. Don't you get with ms marie in florida and you know. Make it happen. Ralph ronan trez van from the district of corona virus thumb yell at abyss said dating during the pandemic has been fun mostly planning hiking dates virtual dates such as escape..

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