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Quiet as leafy inner suburb many of its residents are away on summer vacation elaine cobb cbs news paris survey says we are not impressed with the job our elected officials are doing in washington looking at the latest cbs news poll correspondent stephen portnoy this cbs new survey shows deep frustration with congressional gridlock large numbers of republicans and democrats say they wanna see congress act to improve the nation's health care system tax reform and curbing immigration are other top priorities for republicans democrats would prefer infrastructure projects and immigration reform franklin still a tropical storm churning over the gulf mexico after a run across the yucatan peninsula forecast to strengthen into a hurricane before making a second landfall in mexico forecaster chris lancy remain threat they are the rainfall and flash flood looking into to win themselves and a storm surge shower the ocean it's push to shore glenn campbell is dead and for the town g the singer was as big as they come in the '60s and '70s performer charlie daniels recalls all the work campbell did on other people's records frank sinatra's the beach boys he was an incredibly thom mcan guitar boyer and a lot of people her green campbell land don't even realize he was in los angeles glen campbell detailed in painful detail his drinking drug use and turbulent relationships announced in 2011 he was diagnosed with alzheimers blend campbell was eighty one ahead of the opening s.

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