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On the december. I'm going to say you do not get to give advantage gave him. I originally fourteen got fourteen total. And i've got a sixteen if i have to go with original. You do have to go with the original. This guy did not see anything until jabari started yelling at then. Just the flicker of flame lights up you guys in the near grass had gone role initiative. Okay nineteen thank. God are nine six sky. Beach bar in corbo. I'm also going to go ahead. We are off the rails today. Baby we are fucking free styling. So you're gonna say i'm gonna say some dudes are going to be a little hardier than others I'm going to ask you guys to roll a d twenty six through twenty. It's just another guard. One through five one is really bad. This'll probably be a tough dude and two through like five. This'll be like a pretty tough night. I got a nineteen on the day. Okay just another guard you go. You go before this. Do you see this dude. Looks up at jabari and kind of just makes it goes as you out from the torchlights k. I am just going to attack him gray skin. So i rolled a twice to attacks. I got a one on one. But since i've hassling stats eighteen. And then i used my d four for one of them to be a twenty two super hits. Yeah the dragon is back. Seventeen damage you knock. It stood out. I think. I do all elbows because i feel bad about it. So i'm using my elbows. Not my hands. Said you'd never get your hands. Clean keeping commander. Oh please me loophole anime fighter down. Not tell ya she gets down. Mount sim and just start throwing hard elbows and you. You successfully knock this guy out. I'll say for simplicity's sake this dude's a little shorter looks to be around your size tarragon with your perception check. You'll describe this out. you guys. See a flicker of flame in my eyes. I say to you that body literally. Germany hasn't attacked all but he's watched his two friends attack and is just electric. Right now is probably part of the Could deceive anyone. Because he's just too excited to be exploit right down with his other. Heck's blood satori look around for the most fashionable way to wear the to wear the tabart and then i emulate that okay. Great obviously still in the vogue in the style of this show. Yeah yeah you see that some people you know where the tabards sort of the classic way and other people will kind of throw it over one shoulder as sort of cash you know like you would do with the swingle strap. Backpacks tavern single shot the tavern sweets. I'll say you also have a torch. You have this this this storch cordell we gotta get you suited up. I'll say corbo this time. Go ahead and make the perception check or whoever wants to take the lead can make the next perception check sixteen. Sixteen okay Go ahead and roll a lot. Check one through four. Means you miss to do you guys find somebody who you think is alone. The nine nine you pass. It's just just one person. Go to make stealth checks.

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