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Jefferson mccoy filon thomas. Five focused Yes so filon definitely made the team. It was obvious. Preseason us long ball mid our knives. Obviously mccoy's make the team like the you know. Thomas is a underrated raider. Love love hankins. He he's a he's a beast like you'll never be a guy who's like getting like four sacks in a season or something like that like that would probably be like the feeling you know the best year rushing the passer but like he will lead the team defensive line at least in run stops for sure. He's gonna play less than half the snaps okay. He's a beast against the run. I love watching the guy play because it's just like the incredible combination of And size and like great technique. You know like very underrated player. Because he doesn't get the sax people start tend to sleep on or casual fans. Tend to tennessee on those kinds of players by love hankins but i also think that solomon thomas gives them an option now against heavy run teams or you can put him kind of almost anywhere along the line and he's really start against the run to you know I've seen him play as those in the nickel front of cnn. Play some three technique or if the if there's base you know he could play that big end five technique. That cleveland furrow probably the first crack at but saw. Thomas could also do that so you can. He can play almost every position offensive line in. Stop the run. So i think you've got some run stoppers with mclane. Filing pass rushers they will in jefferson. Probably more like a do it all kinda guy. Gus indepth Group use look at the group. It's like yeah legit defensive tackle group and there's no bumps here i guess i mean the the tar heels is is a solomon. Thomas plays the run. Well he just me when you jock guy. Traffic draft top five. Just want him to be a great passer to the raiders in jefferson five. So it doesn't it doesn't matter he can be a situation player you know. That's fine so linebacker linebacker. This is where it starts to get interesting. Co corey hilton. Divide diablo nick. Kalkowski nicholas morrow ten amuse in javan. White that's seven linebackers. The as a boatload of linebackers a six six linebackers six. It's still. That's still ahead hefty amount when there's only on field on the field at a time in nickel right. Thank what all that means is all. I'm thinking seven because denzel perryman hasn't been announced yet. And it's is. This is a fifty two man roster. There isn't a fifty third person so most people are saying. Most beat writers are saying perryman. That's gonna be the guy right so to me. It's moral and javan why they're going to go on some kind of list. If you or. I are a partial season i are one of these guys is going to go on a in exempt list. That gives the raiders a couple roster spots back right. so that's two roster openings than better going to happen and maybe that means one of one of those the use on A tackle or maybe derek carrier or maybe something else So we'll see about that But and then because quick hausky is inside linebacker. They're left on the active roster. The rest of these guys are outside linebackers or a little tear muse. Divide the oslo. Divide the abajo. He had a rough game. I would say taking on blockers. He cannot play middle linebacker in like johnny. Take on lockers doing that. So that's why perryman is there because quick hausky. He's another guy. He gets banged up blot. You've got banged up. You know so you need someone like perriman to at least mike for you in a pinch. i So yeah so but definitely to those guys. Moral angevin wipe. They're going to go on some kind of list in you know. We might not see them for a long time or the whole season. Yeah i think it's Interesting that these new linebackers nichols morrow started to take the reins in the end up getting hurt. Now we're right back to koi Cousy give you the to backers planned to most week. I probably the decided the same of the expected last year. Really see in from the linebacker in Highly paid guys you know. They brought they brought them into to make plays in the time. That may we see something. Maybe if kalkowski can be healthy can Against the panthers name comes. Lift the position hopefully At twenty nine hundred zero before right so if Right back there in those deaths can come in there sleep position. I think You know maybe memorial comes back biggest blow and they can still just rotate. Those guys interesting burrow back to last year those.

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