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We wrote a treatment, a couple of treatments and we Eventually wrote a script and they loved the script and get going. But so in the days when we first worked with Howard I think there was only a treatment or treatment had been done on it and there was like a production meeting I remember where Peterson. Howard Ashman launched work a little mermaid, we show him with. And he's GonNa work on the. So I want you guys to go back to New York and meet up with Howard and he's got some great ideas on you must make the crab arrest. Afraid. You know. Or like Whoa we say. As in Iran initial treatment he had written a a clarence was the name of the grab and he was up stuffy. British. I is a major Domo and so of course, in our cliche way when we heard this we were sort of thinking you know well, he's GonNa be Jamaican. By Jamaicans Account laid back in our churches can high strong and. Fuss budget do those things fit together and then Howard and that's what we talked to Howard on the phone before we ever met him. So we did a phone call with him and he had two things to say he explained that idea a little bit odd to us I can't resigned that phone call when we met him but I'm phone call I know definitely said. You guys think in. This is This is Denmark set in Denmark and everything. We said not really it serve a fairy tale of I've Dion using Jamaican Phillips Oh music because I think it's a way of. Making the Music Kemper market temporary and I think in the seaside Motif in his mind and we said, no, we have no. That idea and it's Loosen a fairy tale world that it could accommodate that. So yeah. Go for it and then in terms of crab. We think of this guy sort of a fuss by she said, well, while China picturing Picture Geoffrey, holder in the UNCALL- of commercials and. We he's glad I had come everyone. Yes. I he'd be on the islands we are so great. And so then we saw he can be grand expansive. He doesn't have to be a laid back and gone just working ninety two. Over. And make it's coming all size shapes but. Anyway we started got a mental picture and this was before we were in the script. So so there are a few things at Howard said in our initial meetings with them, which were before we discussed after we'd rather treatment for the scoop that then affected the way we wrote the script. So that was certainly a huge one and we sit. Yes I'll when I wrote dialogue for it and as we went to write the script that summer after having met with him. Picture Geoffrey holder in my head and. Jamaican but twice a little bit and so he wrote with that in mind.

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