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Colluding wall family migration and an immigration lottery as well you want to make sure that if you fix things on daca you don't create and exacerbate the problem and have to deal with it again in a year the protections begun by president obama but cancelled by trump expire in march on more than levinson said a democratically russian meddling is now made its way through europe that has ep washington correspondent sartor madani reports president trump is now lashing out about the odd going russia probes the president's angry that california's diane feinstein released a transcript of a senate judiciary committee interview with glen simpson he cofounded fusion gps which commissioned the dossier of allegations about trump's campaign and russia on twitter the president referred to the senator as sneaky diane feinstein and says she release the testimony totally without authorisation shen as the committee's top democrat feinstein did have the ability to do it the president's repeating the russian election interference probe's a witchhunt and says republicans should finally take control saga magayani at the white house to dog breeds one which was nearly extinct are now officially recognised by the american kennel club because of the recognition the neater landslide quaker hanjour and the ground bossy griff on von dayan are now eligible for many dogs shows this year they still can't compete at the prestigious westminster kennel club show until next year the nader land sir quaker hanjour was trained centuries ago to help dutch hunters attract ducks than two netcovered canals the spirited alerts spaniel style dogs neared extinction during world war two before breeders brought them back the ground bossy griff on von day an orgy be gbi short was developed to hunt rabbits the small french house are known for their speed stamina and happy nature california search trump in russia optum aguire for the navy newsmen minute keeps continued a search areas of santa barbara county california hit by mudslides the destroyed about one hundred homes early yesterday morning seventeen people are known dead a number of.

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