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Appropriated the funds now the court ruled you can use it and he's building and he's building and expect four hundred miles of new wall by the the election day November the third in two hundred ninety five days conservative justices biggest tax cut in history and yet the biggest amount of deregulation ending burdensome regulation in the last century wow pretty good record I'd say anyway joining us now Vince Ellison is with us columnist lecturer author of the book the iron triangle Daryl parks managing partner parks and grumpy also is the former attorney for Michael brown and trim on Martin's family welcome both of you let me start with you Darryl parks and has a very simple question just looking at the data three years Donald Trump in the books and now we see African Americans now eight separate polls show support the African American community for the president at thirty four and a half percent thirty four percent thirty three per said thirty percent twenty eight percent twenty two percent sixteen percent he only got eight percent in the twenty sixteen election that is that these are not out wires is a mainstream polls they're all showing a story something's going on do you think that the African American vote can go to Donald Trump as either of these numbers a preview of coming attractions in two hundred eighty five days you know Sean up until yesterday here are probably would not have an answer for you right but I had the most interesting experience in a barber shop in suburban Atlanta imagine so guys who is supporting and daily expressed great support for president trump now let me tell you what the reason was still do you like his style the like his brash do they like the fact that he stands up and fight some aspects of our government now let me say I didn't agree with them but it will be interesting to hear their viewpoint of what made president trump appealing to do and did did they know who you were I mean you're pretty famous guy even on TV a lot in fact they did know what I want to thank the bottom cut my hair I wish you and I'm actually India on building the industrial commercial that aired right now inside the right yeah and but it didn't work and I do from them and and as you know I don't brag about who I am but even working as well with me know who I was but I was just give me a perspective because that due date is important when you're out in the world in certain situations to ask people what their thank you man put that both of the kids active about what made president from so appealing to him was very eye opening for me you know what I'm I'm fascinated by you say this and so I go to these two guys and Syosset it Russian immigrants the greatest guys in the world and they've got the best barber shop I've ever been to and when I go see these guys are the greatest discussions but it's a barometer in all of this when you go there it's pretty amazing you do pick up a lot you know there is a song by Yasser Evans Biggie's in the pubic beauty shop gossip going nonstop is not much different in the barber shop you're you're you're you're exactly right on on that and the brothers correct I will do what he does not go to the real world not talk to people every day every day yes there at the moment two young black men come to my home they were putting in a table and we sit under the great conversation and it was fairly that way about from actual doing all that weird they were supporters of like the thank you they were working they like the fact that the economy was doing well they like the fact that the secure the families here and something is happening out here shown in is very very good now the people are all happy about this also little people on the left because what's good for black America usually is pretty bad for their there you have to keep black people free to help to keep them make them feel that they are under attack by the right and there's another going to divulge be very cautious out of public will start having very very soon the most ideal and it will start I remember this doctors told from house of cards we're trying to undo what I was trying to break that to to strike it wouldn't and they just wouldn't budge yeah yeah I remember something here to get something started so he's done with it in the way to buy a home and rain even though you're running again though and it finally got to call you want if you showed up in the black again without a black mother he said that in a black child it's just been killed any still there with the mother and get this all have been in school this whatever happened to start your day here and able to strike so he was on his phone or waited for blacks out of the dark this is what the liberal left press will do they're going to wait and then one week and they're going to look for that magic bullet and the magic bullet is going to be a white person to a black person and then they're going to put it on everything is a string why people hate black people black people through one America go back to be alone and Democrat will protect you we'll make sure that you're okay that's always to twelve they do it every single solitary time look out for it come while I listen I am chronicled since you know you go back to ninety eight a of Democratic Party ad in Missouri elect Republicans blacktree churches are gonna burn or crosses are going to burn them the two thousand James Byrd add roles like my father was killed all over again because George Bush didn't support hate crime legislation no he didn't but he supported the death penalty for the evil perpetrators that drag this innocent man to his death he supported the death penalty that was dishonest or Al Gore going out there in front of predominately black audiences and and changing his tone is pitches cadence and and and and I guess doing his best to sound like he's a preacher and Republicans on the wrong agenda for African Americans I don't even want to tell you in the census our okay I don't want to ever be friends with anybody that's racist and I don't know these people that he's talking about and they that rely happens over every two four years Republicans are racist sexist misogynist homophobic xenophobic Islamophobic they won thirty year water they want to kill grandma grandpa but first they let them live a couple years eating dog and cat food it's a just a lie and in what is our purpose here because well but now here's the question now every big city has been run by Liberal Democrats for decades what do we see Vince measure your crime is being murder your screen poverty and here's the thing the funny thing is that every time we show up in her school okay they've been coming for the last twenty years let's find a way to get the children out don't go along the bond market the job leading here the day of the people are getting jobs let's run the legal doubt though that the the entry level job you begin to the people in the community the mobile not going to stop it when we say Hey let's bring the family back together let's find a way to start the program so that the father can do about the little I'm going to stop the topic it was interesting to read the book in a long train train coming down by Ralph Ralph Abernathy well then when he went to the black caucus to try to get them to get black people welfare down some very regularly they wanted them on water he wanted three or four generations of black people stuck in government programs legal control them this is Laura ever left this is not one okay he said I think when the Troubletones some would create opportunities on but I want to see him expand that I think the major the receipt right now in afterward community on two fronts housing that we we have a major housing the issue that we really could use some help all circling a big on educational opportunities I was almost occurred when I saw him go to historically black college in Columbia South Carolina as part of his now reach I thought that would've been a great opportunity for him to really launch a major H. B. soon after the help H. B. C. use in the stores with their core struggling and so I don't would love to hear something from him that deals with written real sincere help well let me ask this question when we look at the African American unemployment rate and then there's another issue all these presidents that are promised prison reform because you know what there has been a disparity in sentencing in this country and I'll never forget the day hours summary Johnson came out and the president god gave her a pardon the request the con Yang Kim Kardashian but then the president didn't stop there then he put in prison reform specifically to to eliminate disparity or racial disparity in sentencing that has occurred in this country and right some wrongs here are nobody else ever did that well you would knowledge Daryl parks are African Americans better off under the presidency of Donald Trump or they better off under the presidency of Barack Obama with Joe by let me say this your honor I don't know what the president's done a printer Hey Vince this is what is going to which is what is going to not answer my question go ahead there are I think that's a great start however shown when the president has made his his legs or he's gonna points super conservative judges right you and I know both know that most churches are to be super conservative to be very heavy and servicing and so you know if we're doing couldn't left hand but were appointed judges that we know we're going to be heavy hand in the sentencing there were no what we're talking about now right now all black people better on the floor there were on the Obama Biden of course can be very very simple answer I don't know why you won't answer because I don't they will pick it up on the other side hang on I hate when people don't answer questions tries me crazy Hey listen I am comfortable because I'm in my incredible X. chair it's like the little details for example your arm rest we put your just one.

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