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U. for film festivals like blob fast and provides background on films with comedy games prices as well we're gonna talk about some movies we'll take your calls next hour about them as well Mr lowball always a pleasure my friend always a pleasure and Pete I hope everyone is all right with the giant monsters returning I can't say everyone is either been some injuries we don't know the extent of that yet but the unbelievable while that is that is terrifying you know I did I did feel side I'm in Pennsylvania and I did feel something but that was just because I was getting she's out of the refrigerator and when I stood up I hit my head on the freezer door knocked the whole freezer door us not smart you hurt yourself so so forgive me if some of my trivia's been knocked out of my head tonight but I'm very very glad to be back on the program I'm very glad that everyone at least everyone in your campus okay after this terrible earthquake yeah it's on but I just hope that sent god this was a seven point one that may be the biggest ever go through in my life out here wow time is sneak back to Saint Louis I mean I lived in California most of my life the first earthquake I really really felt was in Maryland in two thousand eleven I was in LA a couple years ago and went back to Saint Louis had not been in an earthquake in Los Angeles went back to Saint Louis and I was in a three point four and well ended up being on CNN that night Elena telling them what it was like the feel and with the three for you that's pretty extensive at seven one was unbelievable the one in and and Baltimore was four seven and that was pretty good I mean we could still driving but I don't know about I mean seven one that sounds like something out of a movie he does not by the time it hit us where we are it was probably down to about a five in terms of strength but still the building which is been built on rollers actually was rocking back in forth in you can hear the U. girders the metal going weird in you know you think for a moment man this whole buildings going to go down and Danny our operations manager came running down making sure everybody was okay it's it's weird anyways let's talk movies let's have some down now have fun what's out there these days you know I I just saw the new Godzilla movie and I really enjoyed it the king of monsters that just came out was a Japanese thank you all right Erica made American made movie with but they can't but legendary pictures has or legendary believe this English company right but it's a western film made a recently will recently did that is because only a few years ago and this is a direct sequel to the Godzilla movie from just a few years ago only this time he's got mobbed for in row Dan and king Ghidorah and it's much more of a throwback to the movies of the sixties where he's fighting multiple monsters and it's kind of has almost a lot crafty an aspect to it where they they sort of redesigned the origins of the monsters to where they're much older the big been here before we were and now they're just coming back to reclaim the planet now Godzilla originally was a depiction in Japanese films right yes yes nineteen fifty five Godzilla was was Japanese film go Gee route and then when they brought it over to America they simplified as Godzilla and then they inserted all the scenes with Raymond Burr as an American newscaster in Japan sort of make it feel more like an American movie did they create those movies Mister Lobo and because of the you know two bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the fall out with radiation first film is very much allegorical to the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki from World War two this consumes like a mutant or something yeah the radio active a sickly kind of the folly of man you know the rate is sort of taking revenge you know I'm almost mark there is taking revenge for for our tampering with of you know things we don't understand like nuclear power that's kind of that it's interesting because the first movies very much it down or you know I I'd much rather show an audience mas for the first monster movie than the first Godzilla movie because it is a kind of of the first one is a very serious very serious but I mean it it definitely is allegorical too but the corrosion when tragedy which which makes it a lot darker in tone why were the horror films of those past days the fifties the sixties why would they still weird why would I why would be so weird that's a good question on the war I mean when you compare them with horror films of today are you knowingly and stuff that we permit it a lot more fantasy in our war films you know I think that there was a kind of almost the mystic kind of fairytale sort of quality that that sort of crept into a lot of those old women either even even in a Frankenstein and stuff like that they're almost fairy tales and I think that you know move after the sixties you know with the sort of the introduction of of you know you've got psycho in movies like The Exorcist and I think I think a lot more real world kind of horror kind of crept into it into the U. the universal horror but I think especially in the forties fifties and sixties there was a lot of fantasy inserted into the man I think also because they were more considered fair for children you know I I don't think core was not considered serious entertainment either was science fiction by the mainstream even though a lot of adults you know and very intelligent people were writing and producing and creating a sci fi and horror it was very much thought of as as as matinee material and I think that that's why a lot of it was so weird and how we have why we had so many goofy bug eyed monsters and so many of those movies well in we didn't have a lot of television and in those days obviously we didn't have cellphones smartphones social networking so people's pastime was truly going to the movie houses wasn't loosely absolutely a you couldn't just pull it out of your pocket you had to he had to go downtown and and you know pay your five sensor or or whatever and you sit in the dark all day and maybe a double feature with a cartoon in a newsreel and a serial let's talk more about these when we come back with Mr lowball right here.

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